JUSTICE LEAGUE: COSMIC CLASH REVIEWJustice League: Cosmic Clash is the latest Lego DC Comics animated film.  If you haven’t seen one of the Lego DC Films yet they are a near-perfect blend of comic book action and humor that appeal both to kids and adults.  Kids will love the Lego take on superheroes and the older fans will appreciate a lot of the inside jokes.  The Lego DC comic’s films present often extreme caricatures of the characters we know from the comics.  Superman is even more of a goody-goody boy scout while Batman’s gritty, loner personality is played up for an amusing effect.
This time out, the JLA’s foe is Superman baddie, Brainiac.  Brainiac is traveling throughout the galaxy and cataloging each world he finds in order to preserve the knowledge of each planet.  Unfortunately, to do so he shrinks each world down to the size of a baseball and stores it in a display case aboard his ship.  Brainiac has now set his sights on Earth to add to his collection.

Luckily the Justice League of America…Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and The Flash are there to oppose him.  Somewhat surprisingly, the JLA defeats the super AI android with relative ease, sending him away licking his wounds and resulting in a celebration among the League members.  But don’t count Brainiac out yet.  The villain quickly revamps his ship to make it more powerful and once again returns to Earth to face the league.

This time, only the most powerful members (Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman) go out…with no small dose of arrogance…to confront him.  But Brainiac comes equipped with a new weapon, time ray which blasts the three heroes into different time periods.   The Flash uses the cosmic treadmill to send Batman through time to rescue the three missing heroes including a prehistoric age where he encounters Vandal Savage, and the distant future where he is aided by members of the Legion of Superheroes including Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, and Cosmic Boy.  Meanwhile, Cyborg is left to defend earth against the assault by Brainiac’s forces and enlists the aid of Supergirl.

If you’ve liked previous Lego films it’s almost a sure bet you will like this one, too.  The films, like the Lego video games, are filled with wacky, irreverent humor that often borders on the slapstick.  The opening finds the League playing a friendly game of hide-and-seek made totally unfair due to Superman’s x-ray vision.
The cast of the film includes mostly regulars who have voiced the same characters in previous films such as Nolan North as Superman, Troy Baker as Batman, Grey Griffin as Wonder Woman, Josh Keaton as Green Lantern, Khary Payton as Cyborg, and James Arnold Taylor as The Flash.  Add to that you have the ubiquitous Phil LaMarr as Brainiac and Kari Wahlgren as Saturn Girl.  All of them are wonderful, seasoned professionals.

There are two version of DVD/Blu-Ray Combo set, a standard one and a one that includes a limited edition Cosmic Boy Lego mini figure.  The only extra on the disc is a short but funny gag reel.

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