Kraven the Hunter for Stand-Alone Sony Film

In another unnecessary leap from comics to big screen, is reporting that the screenwriter of second The Equalizer movie, Richard Wenk, has been tapped to write a standalone Kraven the Hunter film.

"Hot off the success of The Equalizer 2, screenwriter Richard Wenk is being brought on to write a Kraven the Hunter movie for Sony Pictures, multiple sources tell Collider". Read the full story HERE.

AFJ's Take: We are all interested in more Spider-Man films, however, here is another villain from Spidey's rogue gallery making the stand-alone leap to the big screen. Venom (arriving October 6th, 2018) is obvious, yet a risky choice. Do we have to ask, why Kraven, let alone Morbius (cast with Jared Leto), for a solo film without ever appearing in a film with Spider-Man? The character, though originally conceived without any "superpowers", would make a worthy adversary for the likes of Venom, in a follow-up film. Hell, he would have made a great villain for Spider-Man: Homecoming 3. This is obviously a desperate cash grab for money by Sony Pictures. They are following the Warner Bros. superhero production schedule and ignoring the Marvel doctorate of patience and establishment in the pop culture zeitgeist.

Who is Kraven the Hunter? 
"Kraven was a maniacal big game hunter who sought to defeat Spider-Man to prove that he was the greatest hunter in the world. Unlike other hunters, he typically disdained the use of guns or bow and arrows preferring to take down large dangerous animals with his bare hands even though he often made elaborate preparations to weaken a quarry before hand. He also used a mystical serum to give him similar strength to Spider-Man, but even without the serum he was a threat to the wall-crawler. However, Kraven's continual underestimation of the superhero's resourcefulness made him a frustrating quarry." Read his full Bio on

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