From the director of The Fate of the Furious and the Men in Black reboot (out May 17, 2019), F. Gary Gray, will come the Eighties Kenner (now Hasbro) property, MASK. Yes, Hasbro Studios will relaunch the cartoon franchise as a live action film, with a more contemporary setting. Deadline.com broke the exclusive news.

From Deadline.com: "Paramount has made a deal with F. Gary Gray to team with Hasbro to develop to direct MASK. The live action film will be built based on the ’80s Kenner action figures and the animated series. MASK is an acronym for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, a task force led by Matt Trakker whose goal is to take out the criminal organization VENOM. The film will be produced by Hasbro, and Gray. They will move quickly to set a writer to hatch a contemporary subculture movie with a youth empowerment angle". Check out the full story HERE.

AFJ's Take: We are all for MASK coming back to the big screen (or the small screen). What will be interesting is to see is how F. Gary Gray will contemporize the villains of MASK, VENOM. The world isn't nearly as black and white as it was in the Eighties, but there are some great ideas there. If you need a refresher or a baptism on MASK, check out cartoon opening below. Personally, we want the toy masks from MASK in the style of Marvel Legend Series or Star Wars Black Series helmets! #AFJ4LIFE

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