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Baylee Alger is a blind man who has a deep love of collecting and reading. He has been blind since the age of 2 due to cancer on his optic nerves. He loves to play drums, fish, and above all, read books. He loves playing video games, and writing reviews for AFJ are one of his favorite pastimes as well. When not collecting, reading or pursuing his lifelong dream of being a writer, he'll often be watching movies, such as Batman, Spider-Man, and the occasional comedy.

The Hulk: A mountain of green, unstoppable, powerful muscle. On the inside, he's just a man. A brilliant scientist. This monster, who is always just beneath the surface, you don't want to make him angry. Bruce Banner is always trying to keep him in check.

And today, I'm taking a look at what happens when he can't.
MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES HULKWhen I received this box in the mail, it was huge. I'd ordered two items (Marvel Legend Series Thor, review coming soon), and this was one of them. As I reached in to attempt to remove him from the box, I struggled, for he was heavier than I expected, and the box was much bigger.

Once I had him out and on the floor, I opened him up and was surprised at just how big he is. He was a bit of a struggle to get out of the box, but once I did, I weighed him with my hands and found him heavier than I'd expected. He came with an extra head and two extra hands.
HulkI began examining him then. At the top, his hair is unruly. It's hanging over his forehead, which seems to be crinkled in rage, as well as his nose. His body is absolutely huge. His veins are bulging, and you can see the way his shoulders are tensed in rage. His chest is puffed out, and they are covered in veins. His biceps and forearms are also covered in veins, as well as the back of his clenched fists.
HulkOne thing that surprised me about this figure was how detailed the pants were. They start at the bottom of his stomach, ending just above and one just below his knees. They are tattered, and the plastic is actually flimsy and realistic. His feet are probably the best-crafted part of him. They feel actually real and in the right shape, and I love the detail that was put into them.
HulkI love the detail that was put into this figure as a whole. It's very brilliantly done and anyone who's a Marvel or Hulk fan should have this. I am very glad I bought this figure, and it remains one of the centerpieces of my collection.

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