As AFJ did with Star Wars: The Black Series (seen HERE), we now play the 2019 prediction game with Hasbro's Marvel Legends line. Much like  Star Wars, Marvel will be having an insane year. There are three major Marvel Cinematic Universe films this year: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home (in that order). All three of these movies actually have crossover characters as well, presenting opportunities to dive deep into Marvel's character well. Let's get to it, Junkies.

Editor's Note: We are forgoing Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants speculation. 

Avengers: Endgame - Wave 1
Why are we starting with the second movie released in the MCU line up? The reason is simple, Captain Marvel's first wave of figures has already been announced. In fact, they are already starting to hit retail stores (order wave 1 HERE). Action figures for Avengers: Endgame (arriving April 26th) will clearly be on display at Toy Fair. However, in keeping spoilers from getting out, wave 1 will likely feature the following characters.

Yes, Ronin is Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner. Fanboys and girls wanted to know where he was in the first film and if he has survived Thanos' snap. It appears that he has and taken on the new identity of Ronin. Hopefully, Hasbro will release a masked figure and include an additional head in the likeness of Renner.

The Wasp
Last year there was a figure of Hope Van Dame in the likeness of Evangeline Lilly, yet we know for Endgame there will be a new figure of the character. At this point, as it will be for a few other characters/ figures on this list, Hasbro will have to supply new sculpts and new accessories to get collectors to buy the same character again.

A new Paul Rudd figure could go in a variety of ways. We are hoping for Ant-Man and his van (as seen in the trailer). Perhaps a plainclothes Scott Lang or, if the film warrants it, a new costume of Ant-Man in the Giant-Man garb?

Rescue (Pepper Potts)
It will be interesting to see if Gwyneth Paltrow's Tweet of her costume will warrant a figure in the first wave. It's no spoiler to fans, who have been following along, that she will don a version of the Iron Man garb known in the comics as "Rescue" (Armor Model 1). Will the figure come with a maskless version? Iron Man's didn't in wave 1 of the Avengers: Infinity War figures.

Iron Spider (with Legs)
Hasbro really missed the boat on making a Spider-Man in the Iron Spider garb with all the legs. That being said, no one else did. In fact, every company from Diamond Select Toys to overseas bootleggers created the figure we all wanted. Hasbro is really going to have to create something unique to add to the mix. Especially with their latest wave of Spider-Man figures (Wave 11) already hitting the shelves.

The Hulk (Movie Likeness) Build-A-Figure
There has always been a Build-A-Figure with these modern Marvel Legends. The Hulk, in his Avengers: Endgame outfit (teased above), would give us a new Hulk action figure. It has been a while, and a Hulk in the superhero suit would be different.

Captain Marvel - Wave 2
Yes, now we are back to Captain Marvel. It's funny how these waves hit. We cannot predict if the film will be a monster success or not, but it is a safe bet (given the studio's track record).

Members of Starforce (Korath, Unknown Character, Bron-Char, and Minn-Erva)
We highly doubt that Hasbro has commissioned all four members of Starforce to get the green light. If only one is to get made, expect it to be Korath (Djimon Hounsou) who also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy. Alien figures are always cool, but we have no clue as to their screen time. Perhaps, if the film does close to Black Panther dollars, we might see the other three members of Starforce as Comic-Con Exclusive set. 

Firelord (Comic Book Likeness)
Hasbro loves to dive into that fantastic well of Marvel characters and release some odd choices that many younger fans have never heard of. With Marvel getting deeper and deeper into the cosmic realm, the one-time herald of Galactus, Firelord, seems like an obvious choice. 

Captain Marvel (Comic Book Likeness)
With the entrance of Captain Marvel into the MCU, why wouldn't Hasbro tap another Captain Marvel for an action figure? We have had several in the past but none in the likeness of Monica Rambeau (she made her debut in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16, circa 1982). Again, its all about sculpt and accessories. Though in all honesty, if she is picked, we fully expect her to come with the torso of the Build-A-Figure.

Cosmic Ghost Rider - Vehicle Set
Cosmic Ghost Rider is burning up the comic book shelves as of late. He is getting both his own stand-alone story (seen HERE) and will be appearing in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" comic. Who better to be the next vehicle figure for the Marvel Legends line?

Super Skrull (Comic Book Likeness) Build-A-Figure
Here is another one that is long overdue in the modern day Marvel Legends. Now Hasbro might forego a BAF for another Walgreens Exclusive, as they have done with multiple Fantastic Four eccentric characters, but the Captain Marvel line just seems to be the perfect fit. Yet, the more we think about it, the more it may have to do with licensing rights. Marvel Studios may not want to feature a character that is still technically under Fox, for the Captain Marvel line.

Avengers: Endgame - Wave 2
This is where it gets tricky for both Hasbro and Marvel Studios. The following characters will probably have action figures, they just cannot release images of them at Toy Fair, due to spoilers. 

Captain Marvel (Avengers Movie Likeness)
Will Brie Larson get tapped for another Captain Marvel figure in 2019? With three figures already in the first wave of the Captain Marvel line, it seems unlikely. However, with the amount of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine figures Hasbro releases, if the film is a success, expect to see one of her in her Endgame outfit.

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie, from Thor: Ragnarok, is strangely missing from the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War. We did look and her name is absent from the cast list of Endgame, so she may or may not be in the film. Perhaps we will see a likeness of her in her white Valkyrie outfit regardless. This one is a tough call, but by the time wave 2 arrives, the film will be out and we will know for sure.

Katherine Langford’s Character
We know that Katherine Langford is in Endgame, however, who she actually is remains a mystery. If her character is revealed in the first trailer, expect to see her in wave 2. If Langford is indeed a major player and will be a part of the future MCU films, yes, she will get an action figure.

Emma Fuhrman’s Character

Another actress with no announcement of which character she is portraying. We could run the gauntlet of who she might be playing, but since we have a few months to go, let's not speculate.

New Vision (Movie Likeness)
The Vision may have lost his Infinity Stone but his darkened husk of a body still remained. With the Black Panther's brilliant sister, Shuri (Letitia Wright), still alive, we fully expect a new version of the Vision to emerge. He has come back numerous times in the past and does anyone ever really die in comics anyway?

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Spider-Man Wave 12
This will undoubtedly be wave 12 of Marvel Legends' Spider-Man figures. Why? Because with only two distinct villains announced, as well as two costumes already revealed for the film (seen below), we expect Hasbro to dip into the Marvel character well again for its releases.

Spider-Man ("Noir" Movie Outfit) and Spider-Man (New Movie Outfit)
A no-brainer for both of these. The cheers and complaints will all rest upon whether or not we get a maskless Spider-Man with Tom Holland's face. Fans seem to demand this, Hasbro. Why not do this for all his movie figures?

Mysterio (Movie Likeness)
The Marvel Legend Mysterio figure of 2018 (seen HERE) was one of the year's early must-have figures. He has died down a bit, but we expect him to become a hot commodity depending on what Jake Gyllenhaal's movie Mysterio looks like. If it is a lame duck, then it quickly makes that 2018 figure the one to have. Will we even get a Jake Gyllenhaal maskless Mysterio at all?

Scorpion (Comic Book Likeness)
Now Mac Gargan was introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming, played by Michael Mando. Upon checking Mando's IMDB account there is no mention of him appearing in the sequel. Hopefully, this does not mean that Hasbro has left the Scorpion off their radar. A figure for him is long overdue and a great addition to Spider-Man's action figure rogue gallery.

Vulture (with Michael Keaton Likeness)
Unlike Mac Gargan, Michale Keaton's Vulture (aka Adrian Toomes) is slated to appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home. It is time to release the Vulture with a likeness of Keaton. This could all be null and void if Keaton does not wish to see his face on yet another action figure (remember he was Batman).

Walgreens Exclusive for 2019
Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Barbarian is back under Marvel's label. With numerous books hitting comic book shops it may be time to release a Marvel Legend of the Cimmerian warrior. A big brick and mortar release would probably render Conan as peg warmer (remember Paladin). By making him a Walgreens Exclusive, Conan will become a hot commodity.

San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive #1
San Diego is always a great place to release a must-have exclusive. Nothing would be better than to release a Skrull Transformation Set. Think about it, Hasbro and Marvel could literally release a box set of nothing but heads and hands to go on a variety of Marvel Legends, thus enabling fans to create an army of Skrulls out of what they already own. More than likely it will be a businessman (that J. Jonah Jameson body sculpts) or a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (color variant on the Hydra or AIM two-packs) with Skrull heads. Die-hards will kitbash what we really want to see, but why not embrace the culture and give fans a variety of Skrull heads featuring Captain America, Tony Stark, Elektra, Spider-Woman, and Captain Marvel complete with green hands?!


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    hipzilla702 February 15, 2019 at 5:02 pm

    I don’t understand why Hasbro is so entirely Hellbent on not doing accessory packs. The US distribution can’t even give me a female right hand, after the one in the box came with two left hands on the body. I can purchase packs from China directly that aren’t painted, but why wouldn’t they simply made alternative head, hands, etc packs for me to purchase here in the US?! I’d totally buy so freakin’ many to not go thru the hassle of waiting for Black Friday to purchase super random figures for on the cheap. That’s not just for making customs. So many figures are missing the badly needed extra hands for alternative poses as well. They give us figures like Spidey UK (or the MCU Iron Spider) that came with absolutely zero accessories (one of the worst Spidey purchases ever). Yet randomly give us the Ben Reilly Spiderman that came with all the extra human hands, plus the head and hands for Spider Carnage. How does this compute?

    • Reply
      Robert Trate February 15, 2019 at 11:41 pm

      Great questions! This is something we like to do as well. We ask these questions when we can and get answers for you. Sadly, Hasbro is not one to respond. NECA and MEZCO, on the other hand, are very prompt.

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