Marvel-Select-Avenging-Hawkeye-1I have to say that Hawkeye has been my favorite non-powered MARVEL universe character since I was a kid. Clint Barton is just plain cool and there is something about the awesomeness of being an expert marksman with a bow and arrow that has always appealed to me. I was obsessed with the bow and arrow as a child from the time I saw Stallone use one in RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II. So when I heard that there was a new iteration of Hawkeye in MARVEL SELECT form, I had to pick up and stat. I was way more than psyched, I was elated with geeky joy that this figure flew under my radar and just started appearing in the Disney Store at my local mall. Thankfully I had no trouble finding and snatched up a minty case fresh package and skipped out of the store to the theme of “It's a small world after all.” It was when I got home that I discovered that this is possibly my favorite Hawkeye figure in my collection.


Based on the artwork of superstar artist David Aja’s pencils from the Matt Fraction-penned Hawkeye comic book, this figure does not disappoint and fills the void of not getting a new Select movie Hawkeye. I was bummed when I heard that we were not going to be getting along tunic wearing Jeremy Renner figure from Diamond but Junkies can’t win ‘em all. Still, if there is a character I don’t mind buying more than one of, it is most definitely Hawkeye. That being said, let's get down to the review and the details of this $24.95 gem that is a DISNEY Store Exclusive.


First off the figure jumps right off the comic book page and is brilliantly realized in this brand new sculpt. I mean it is exact and if you know Aja’s artwork, it is easily recognizable without having to wonder just which artist this iteration is based on. Dressed up in his modern-day duds, the minimalistic costume that is mostly black with just a hint of Hawkeye’s signature purple, the suit has some definite noir pop in its appearance. Clint is in a cool pair of shades and is wearing some cool looking archer gloves on his hands and comes with both a non-sunglass wearing alternate head and an extra gloved hand. Sweet. But that’s not all. We also get a pretty sweet looking pistol that resembles James Bonds Walther PPK with a silencer. And of course, we get an epic compound bow that comes with six arrows. Barton is wearing not one but two quivers but unfortunately, it is tough to stuff more than one extra arrow in the open slot. Still, he is pretty loaded up with extras that include a utility belt, a leg holster and the added touch of a boomerang as his backup. But that’s not all! We get perhaps the most epic of MARVEL pets without a power and that is Lucky the dog. Again, the pencils of Aja are present and it looks like Lucky just scooted off the comic book panel. I think perhaps one of my favorite touches is that the alternate Clint Barton head has bandages over his nose and eye giving him that, “I wouldn’t give this gig up for the world” look on his face that much more meaningful.


The box for Hawkeye is the usual oversized MARVEL Select cardboard behemoth that I have gotten used to at this point. My only complaint about the Select box is that all four corners are very easy to damage. It is tough to find one on the pegs that is truly “Mint on Card.” Fortunately, I shoved a little Mickey Mouse ear wearing kid out of the way and nabbed one that was perhaps in the best condition of a Select I have ever gotten. So, a definite bonus that I found one as close to mint as you are going to find. The back of the package has the usual close up picture of the figure and it is the type of card back that you can hang up on your wall because it just looks cool. On the side of the box, we are treated to an actual Aja sketch which made me chuckle with giddy fanboy geekiness because I like to line up my Select’s like books on a shelf.


As with all MARVEL Select’s beside the oversized ones like Hulk, Abomination, and Juggernaut, it is the standard seven-inch size. But it really does look bigger than that and it eclipses some Legends-style figures in its stature. The figure is fully poseable and looks pretty amazing on the shelf. I have already compared to my other Select Hawkeye’s and it is a close second to my Renner AVENGERS movie Hawkeye from back in 2012. I was hoping that the piece would come with one of the usual epic Select bases but there is none which is kind of odd considering that most Marvel Select’s do come up with some kind of big and sometimes clunky foundation. All in all, though, this figure is an epic comic book styled win for Diamond. They continue to capture the imagination with their deluxe line of figures and at just $24.95 this one is a no-brainer. Especially when you consider that most MARVEL Legends are now hovering around the $20-$23 range. This one was easy to grade and I give it a resounding four and a half stars with nary a complaint save for the aforementioned arrow issues and lack of base. Still, it barely affects my ruling, Hawkeye is still the non-powered king of New York. #AFJ4LIFE

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