Just by eye-balling, this newly released pre-order that is sure to tie in perfectly for the "Avengers fans come lately" who are just not getting their eyes what exactly a HULKBUSTER is. Well here it is in all of its MARVEL SELECT glory and it looks underwhelming at best. When it comes to MARVEL SELECT and their prestigious line of figures, I expect bigger to most certainly be better (See JUGGERNAUT & ABOMINATION for examples). But THE HULKBUSTER? There should barely be any room for packaging at all because that is just how damn big we MARVEL-ites have become accustomed to thinking how big the "Buster" be. And I gotta say that just by the promo shots that MARVEL has provided, I am not all that impressed...yet. This could be my go-to toy for the summer but I am hesitant to call it until I have seen the Tony Stark creation in all its weighty glory. So, for now, I say IT APPEARS to be a good pass but I am going to have to wait and see. What do you Junkies think? Is the HULKBUSTER we have been waiting for or would you rather wait for the MARVEL LEGENDS BUILD-A-FIGURE coming later this year? Let the scuffle and debate commence!


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