Our favorite Asgardian has had a big last couple of years. From the time we got a glimpse of Mjolinir at the end of IRON MAN 2 five years ago. I mean, seeing Thor’s go to signature weapon on the big screen eclipsed the movie in and of itself. It was that epic. For AVENGERS Junkies, we have come to know The Mighty Thor as one of the “Big 3”, Cap, Iron Man & of course the Norse God. When he stormed into theaters in 2011, two things happened. Chris Hemsworth became an overnight star and not just Kirk’s father in Abrams’ STAR TREK reboot and second, and most importantly, the God of Thunder became a household name. Not just in the fanboy sets world. Now even kids with a casual interest in comic books were banging down their hammers all over the world. Mjolnir became a verb even appearing in the now gone and God do I miss it, PARKS & RECREATION where Retta playing the acerbic Donna Meagle says “I’m going to go Mjolnir on their ass!” It was a perfect storm of pop culture and geek world utopia smashed together and I was never happier to be in the corner of God of Thunder, Asgard’s favorite son.

THORMJOLNIRIt is rare that a new MARVEL SELECT is not on my radar but like the hammer of Thor spinning, I don’t know where the Disney Store folks were hiding this one. All of a sudden it just appeared and tore through figure Junkies collectiveness with one purpose only, getting in your collection immediately. And those terms “spinning Mjolnir” were never more literal than with this newest entry in the Select line. We were official given it—a spinning Mjolnir!! If there is a heaven, this is the kind of geeky accessory that Junkies yearn for but never actually think the suits will actually make. So, yes, knock one off in the win column for Junkies because this is the kind of out of the box thinking and loyal fan friendly touch of detail that makes collectors take notice. Even the Mint-On-Card set can get on board with this because from a distance, I kid you not, it looks like Thor is spinning his damn hammer! How dope is that? Well done Marvel. Or DISNEY I should say. Who cares really, its a spinning frickin’ Mjolnir!THOR2The good does not stop at just the Mighty God’s hammer, the whole figure is an epic entry into the line that continues to knock down doors. Some may say that the whole Select line is a little too clunky with its Torah sized packaging and very tough to pack and ship size but I say bigger does mean better in some cases. Sure the UPS guy dented my package a little bit but one thing Select’s can take and that is a beating. It is hard to find one Select that is truly 100% dent free or fringey on the corners. It's just the nature of the giant Select beast.

While it is not the first Oliver Coipel Select Thor figure (see below) we have gotten, I gotta say that as an OC art fan for years now when I got wind that this new figure existed, it had to be immediately added to my collection. Coipel's art makes each comic book panel breathe so seeing it come to life in plastic goodness again and updated, is that much more special. Even if you have a ton of Thor figures, you don’t have the Coipel Select until now. It is pretty much a standard 7-inch figure but because of the flowing red cape and the general scope and size of the character, it feels like a bigger piece. And like I mentioned, bigger is most definitely always better. With a modified chest piece without the usual shoulder padding, Thor has never looked cooler in an almost noir-like palette of colors making up the classic Bif, Bam, Pow solids of red, yellow and black. No, no, here you get deep grey’s and maroon instead of the Kirby, knock you over the head reds. Even the added bonus of spiked wrist cuffs and half gloves make the figure feel just, darker than what we have gotten from Thor the past half decade. And it is a welcome change making this figure easily one of my favorite Thor pieces in my collection.ThorSelect
Another cool feature that I did not expect is that Thor’s signature helmet that we only see sometimes in the movies, is on display here in the illest fashion. Not only do we get it but it is removable making for some bonus poses as I like to call them. The only thing missing is an interchangeable head with a big old Asgardian grin but who needs it when you have Coipel’s moody scowl on Thor’s mug? I definitely like the figure with the helmet on as opposed to off. Without it, Asgard’s favorite son looks like an upset choir boy from the neck up with an unflattering part down the middle of his golden hair. It is a far cry from the Hemsworth-ish movie Thor Select from a few years back. This is where movie Thor and comic book Thor go head to head and comic book Thor is moving with a running start and a big swinging Mjolnir in his hand. I can’t hit that point enough—you get a swinging Mjolnir that when you think is spinning without even adding alcohol to your day.ThorSelect3If those reasons are not enough to give this iteration of Thor your own, then I am not doing my job. This is the Thor figure that we needed and MARVEL has hit it out of the park with the precision of a big league slugger waiting to smack a hanging curve. It is that rare white whale of a figure that those who make their’s MARVEL will have to have immediately. When I saw some Junkies find it before my order came in I felt like I was late to the party. But that is one thing about a solid entry like this, no matter when it arrives into your collection, you know that it is a worthy entry. Worthy enough to come with a dope ass spinning Mjolnir. Make mine MARVEL indeed.

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