iO9 has broken the news that Mattel will be re-launching their classic action figure line, the Masters of the Universe. The difference, now, is new articulation. See the differences below (original on the left, new figure son right). The first two figures in the line will be He-Man and Skeletor. These are slated for 2020.

AFJ's Take: This property has been relaunched numerous times in the past. Super7 is currently producing fantastic figures of the Masters of the Universe characters. So why the re-launch Mattel? Haven't you played out this property to death already? The new live-action movie isn't that far away, but we haven't even seen a teaser trailer for it yet. Also take into consideration that Mattel is financial trouble and has lost their DC Comics license, starting in 2020. Is this a last-ditch effort to save the brand with some muscle behind it? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below. #AFJ4LIFE

From iO9: "The revamped vintage line also features more details this time around, with improved paint jobs, and even new face sculpts that reflect the equally popular Masters of the Universe ‘80s animated series. But before you fly off into a rage about another toy company dabbling with nostalgia but messing with perfection, Mattel’s created an excellent stop-motion video showing off what Prince Adam and He-Man are now capable of with their newfound flexibility and posability. Take a first look below, debuting here on io9!" Read the full article and watch the trailer HERE.

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