Mego Horror Assortment Wave 6 and New Star Trek Figures Revealed

Mego news on new releases has not been as rampant as it was last year. Today, we got that Mego bug all over again! Junkies, we are eagerly awaiting finding many of these in the stores now. Check out the new Horror and Star Trek Mego figures that have been revealed. The seventies style Dracula and the Glow-in-Dark "Highlights" Gorn are two of our new favorites! #AFJ4LIFE

Mego Horror Assortment Wave 6
Official Description: Mego Horror Assortment Wave 6! 8-inch licensed characters. Includes: 1 New Werewolf - Full Body Flock and New Outfit, 1 Frankenstein - Bare Chested with Painted Stitches and Reconstructed with Different Body Parts, 1 New Dracula - Glow in the Dark with Purple Lined Cape, 2 Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger - Limited Availability, and 1 Glow in the Dark Nosferatu with Black Coat.

Mego 8inch Scifi Assortment Wave 6
Official Description: Mego Scifi Assortment Wave 6! 8-inch licensed Star Trek characters - this assortment is based on the Original Series episode the "The Trouble with Tribbles". Includes Star Trek Captain Kirk in Green Shirt with Tribbles, Mr. Spock in Blue Shirt with Tribbles, and Gorn with Glow in the Dark Eyes, Spines, and Teeth!

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