Mego Wave 2 – Official Images (KISS, the Gorn, Green Lantern and More)

We've seen a few of the second wave releases from MEGO at Target. We reached out to the company and got the official word and images on who is in wave 2. Many of these figures are available now on HERE. Sound off Junkies, who is your favorite? We are loving the Frankenstein's monster. #AFJ4LIFE

DC Comics: Batgirl

DC Comics: Superman

DC Comics: Poison Ivy

DC Comics: Green Lantern

Starchild from KISS
Gorn from Star Trek
Jo Polniaczek from the Facts of Life
Mr. Spock from Star Trek
Cliff Claven from Cheers
Wizard of Oz: Dorothy and Wicked Witch Two Pack

Samantha from Bewitched
Richie Cunningham from Happy Days
Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed
Greg Brady from the Brady Bunch

Full House DJ & Stephanie Tanner Action Figure

Married with Children Kelly Bundy

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