MEGO Wave 3 – OFFICIAL IMAGES (KISS, Captain Kirk, the Wolfman, and More)

Junkies, we never thought we would be here, but we are MEGO fans, again. Honest, we may not understand all their choices in characters or properties, then again the same could be said for Funko's POP! line. Yet, time and again we are hunting the Target stores looking for latest wave or that so hard to find one. Damn it, Junkies, we even have Greg Brady here at Junkie HQ.

Below you will find a complete list of Wave 3 for the new line. Complete with two-packs, more Mirror Mirror Star Trek, 14-inch figures, live that Joker!, and more from the lines that have already been released. Remember, these can only be found a Target. #AFJ4LIFE

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Star Trek – Romulan
Alien foes of the Enterprise crew, these extraterrestrial humanoid species are even more dangerous than the savage Klingons! The Romulans patrol their side of the Neutral Zone, ever scheming to capture the Enterprise and its intrepid Captain. Utilizing their cloaking device technology, Romulans are stealthy and formidable opponents.

Charlie’s Angels – Sabrina Duncan
A founding employee and team leader of the Charles Townsend Detective Agency, Sabrina is the smartest and sassiest of the Angels. Both powerful and beautiful, Sabrina is always ready to take on new assignments and go toe-to-toe with the bad guys. Dressed in her iconic jumpsuit from the first episode, she is ready for action.

Married with Children – Al Bundy
The hapless, and misanthropic working-class father of the Bundy family, Al toils all day at a women’s shoe store only to come home to a crazy wife and kids. Portrayed as the perfect blend of both tragic and comedic, Al just wants to be left in peace with his TV and his newspaper.

Wizard of Oz – Cowardly Lion
All he needs is courage! Full of fear, the Cowardly Lion feels anything but “The King of the Beasts.” After encountering Dorothy and the Scarecrow on their way to see the Wizard in Emerald City, we learn that the lion is not really a coward after all; rather he thinks he is because he does not believe in himself. Before all is said and done, the Cowardly Lion performs several courageous acts without realizing his bravery.

Happy Days – Chachi
Chachi shares a close relationship with his cousin and idol the Fonz, who has been the older brother figure that Chachi so badly needed. He is an excellent mechanic just like his hero Arthur Fonzarelli, and is also an amazing drummer who dreams of musical stardom. Above all, Chachi is madly in love with his bandmate Richie’s little sister Joannie, and spends most of his time pursuing her.

Charmed – Prue Halliwell
Prue, the oldest and most powerful from the trio of sisters known as the Charmed Ones, is the leader of the group. She is a martial arts master, and can use her powers of telekinesis and astral projection to fight evil. Using their combined “Power of Three,” Prue fights alongside her sisters to protect the innocent people of San Francisco, and like Phoebe and Piper, Prue comes with the Book of Spells as her accessory.

Cheers – Woody Boyd
After arriving at Cheers in hopes of meeting his “pen pal” Coach, with whom he exchanged pens not letters, Woodrow Huckleberry Tiberius "Woody" Boyd learns of Coach’s passing and fills the role of happy-go-lucky but not-too-bright bartender. Following in Coach’s footsteps in many ways, the slightly socially awkward Woody often fails to grasp the most obvious of jokes and situations. Although understanding what’s in his head may be hard, Woody has a heart of gold which endears him to the customers and staff at Cheers.

Lon Chaney Jr – Face of the Screaming Werewolf
Lon Chaney Jr. stars as a mummified werewolf who wreaks havoc throughout the city in this 1964 Mexican horror film centered around the Aztec. By blending parts of La Casa del Terror and La Momia Azteca with newly added footage, Face of the Screaming Werewolf is a bloody rampage.

Brady Bunch – Marcia Brady
The oldest sister of the Brady clan, Marcia is portrayed as a beautiful, mature, and popular girl at Westdale High School, although her younger sister Jan deems Marcia’s popularity is an ongoing source of contempt. Just before Marcia’s highly anticipated date with a super hot guy, she becomes the victim of a misguided football! Will he be horrified by Marcia’s injury and imperfect schnoz, or will she continue to be Marcia, Marcia, Marcia and get all the praise, attention and of course hot dates?!?

Facts of Life – Blair Warner
Known for keeping several retailers in business, Blair learns she’s one of the girls when she becomes friends with Tootie, Jo and Natalie and Mrs.Garrett’s house. She gets good grades, wins school awards, and was crowned Harvest Queen of Eastland three years in a row.  She’s just filled with ‘brilliant’ ideas!

Star Trek – Captain Kirk (green shirt)
The Captain of the Enterprise in his alternate command shirt made famous from episodes like “The Trouble with Tribbles”, “The Enemy Within”, and “I, Mudd”.  Now you can make him portray the evil Captain Kirk from “The Enemy Within” or is he the good one?  Only Mr. Spock can tell them apart.

KISS – The Demon
The Demon has been performing blood spitting, fire breathing, sold-out, rock and roll shows for 45 years as the bass player for KISS.  He believes that the Hottest Show on Earth! Who’s ready to rock and roll all night and party every day?

14 inch DC Superheroes – Classic Batman
Solving crimes and protecting Gothan City from evil, The Dark Knight detective is ready for action in his classic blue and gray costume. Equipped with his utility belt, batarang, and grappling hook, Batman patrols the city alert for a summons from Commissioner Gordon.

14 inch DC Superheroes – Lex Luthor
The arch-enemy of the Man of Steel, Lex Luthor continuously plots for a way to destroy Superman using super science and kryptonite.  Will Superman find a way to defeat Luthor’s latest plan or will the villain finally triumph?

14 inch DC Superheroes – The Flash
Police scientist Barry Allen gained his superspeed when a bolt of lightning showered him in chemicals to become the Flash – the world’s fastest man.  Flash uses his speed to break through the barriers of time and space in pursuit of evildoers.

14 inch DC Superheroes – The Joker
Why so serious? Whenever you spot Batman, the Joker isn’t far behind.  The clown prince of crime lives to torment Gotham’s Dark Knight detective with his evil schemes. Help Batman stop the Joker before he spreads terror to Gotham City!

Bewitched – Endora and Serena 2 pack

When Samantha’s mother Endora and her crazy twin cousin Serena come to town, you know the magic will be flying throughout the town. Perplexed by Sam’s preference to live in the mortal world, these two witches look for new ways to make her life turn upside down.

Star Trek – Mirror Sulu and Uhura 2 pack

In the mirror universe where the brutal Terran Empire rules with an iron fist, Security Chief Lt. Sulu is head of security and has eyes for Lt. Uhura – unaware that this Uhura is really from the benign universe where the Enterprise crew is a force for peace and understanding.  Will Security Chief Lt. Sulu find out the truth before the landing party can return to their own universe?

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