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I can still remember that fateful day my Mom told my brother and me to each pick one He-Man figure. My brother grabbed Ram-Man and, to this day, I am still not quite sure why. It may have had something to do with how he identified with the character, but that is another matter. I picked Man-E-Faces. I had no idea who he was but he came with a ton of weapons and looked really cool. Next to Zodac, he was, by far, my absolute favorite figure. He had three different faces/ personalities enabling me to be a variety of characters. That very same figure left with so many others via an eBay auction. An auction I have regretted ever since. In the years that passed, I have learned that I was not the only one with a fondness for Man-E-Faces! In fact, the great minds over at 'Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work' Day (a Facebook group) celebrate him once a year (the day after Labor Day). I picked up a MOTUC Man-E-Faces, to replace the old one, and thought I would give you Junkies a review as well!

A Brief History:
The original Man-E-Faces was developed for the second wave of the Masters of the Universe line back in the 1980’s. Another figure would surface again in 2002 with the short re-launch of the line. The character himself had several different origins but first appeared on the cartoon series in “The Shadow of Skeletor” (1983). Though many attempts were made to make him a regular, he just never caught on.

Update 2018: Since this original article was written, Super7 have announced their own Man-E-Faces rendition of the character as well as a pint glass and an M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E.
This Man-E-Faces is part of Super7's new Masters of the Universe Classics - Wave 2. Details and pre-order HERE.

***The MattyCollector Man-E-Faces Masters of tUniverserse Classics Review***
The Package:

The package is an incredible blister pack which has not changed since the MOTUC line began. Oddly enough, each of the figures in the MOTUC line come equipped with a plastic hook attaching it to its package. Why this is remains a complete mystery as it will never be sold in a department store. What makes the line perfect for collectors is that each figure comes with a white box for storage.

The FIGURE:Man-E-Faces

The color scheme is identical to the original figure from the 1980’s. The figure’s paint job was far from perfect, though. There is a tiny glob of green paint on the figure’s left shoulder. Since there is no green on the figure, outside of his monster face (a separate piece), where did this come from? There is also a glob of glue behind if he had one, his right ear. There are not any attachments near this spot so, again, where did this come from?

Articulation and Accessories:Man-E-Faces

The figure is only minutes old and already it feels as though it has been played with for a week. Man-E-Faces stands on his own, but his right gun hand needs to be pushed back up after the gun is placed in it. He has your basic MOTUC articulation but, as an added bonus, this version of Man-E-Faces can actually turn his head from right to left. Sadly, this prompts an additional turn to the character’s face as well. Man-E-Faces

An incredible (as well as unexpected) bonus is the additional head with three more faces. Those faces include Skeletor, He-Man, and Orko. He-Man’s face should have been left out for someone else like Beast Man. This Man-E-Faces, unlike mine from so very long ago, only comes with his orange laser pistol. A great incentive or special feature for this release of the figure should have been to include the extra weapons. If the additional faces are indeed the “top-secret accessory”, then I hope they are for this release and no other.


Can’t say I am thrilled with this figure. He already feels played with and looks like it, too. The points of articulation are great, if not a standard, for this MattyCollector figure. He’ll journey with me to work on his holiday every year. He just doesn't seem as durable as his original counterpart. 

The Original Man-E-Faces Commercial:

This advertisement cleared up a bit of confusion for me as to why my Man-E-Faces had so many extra weapons. If you need more Man-E-Faces fun, check out his origin episode, penned by none other than the Paul Dini, on Netflix.

7.5 Total Score
Not as good as the original.

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