By Jessica Napkin

What can we say about The Muck?!  The question seems to be, what can we NOT say about The Muck.  This figure is fantastic, and seems to be quite photogenic—including but not limited to photobombing other figures during their photoshoots.  He has the most endearing smile, despite being afflicted with Vomit Fever.

A few things I love about him are the pieces of trash located throughout the sculpt.  The yellow banana on his head, frog on his right leg, white fishbone on his chest and red bucket of Lard attached to his right foot are just a few of the hidden gems strewn throughout.  Some of the items of trash are difficult to identify since they are not painted, but I decided to leave hat to old Imagination to fill in the blanks.  Someone who enjoys making customs might be able to make some sense out of the intricacies of this steaming heap of garbage.  Using some lovely shades of paint where the sculpt is strictly green but there are obvious items present might really bring out his trashy style.

The prominent hole in his trash heap midsection has what appears to be white entrails hanging down, or at least that is what I prefer them to be.  He also has a lovely green trash hump on his back which accentuates his one skeletal hand.  The color of the skeletal hand leads me to believe what I assumed to be entrails may be some sort of skeletal structure that mutated.  However, I can only assume.
As far as posing goes, The Muck is great with the exception of adjusting to those gigantic feet.  Once I did that, it was smooth sailing but I was initially a bit puzzled.  He has this look of enthusiasm on his face that makes me smile when I see him.  Muckman is prominently placed at my workstation while I am working and definitely keeps the day interesting.  Coming from an MOC/NIP collector, if you have one you should open him up and play with him if that is your jam.  He is super fun!  Five stars on Yelp!

Jessica Napkin is an AFJ MOD and collecting nerd who swings through the streets of NYC whenever she can looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Follow her on Twitter here.

Need to know why the 2017 Muckman became a 2018 sensation? Find out here in AFJ's "Talking Muckman".


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