NECA 1/4 Scale Aliens Xenomorph Warrior Review

Back in 1979, Kenner Toys (now Hasbro) unleashed a massive 18” Alien figure on an unsuspecting public. Today, licensed figures based upon popular films, TV shows, comic books and animated series are what drives the action figure industry but such was not the case in 1979. Releasing the monster from the hit sci-fi/horror film was a bold move. Today, this original figure can command well over $1000 in the box.

NECA, has now answered with their own massive, 1/4th scale Xenomorph Warrior in a 30th anniversary tribute to Aliens, the sequel to the original film. This is NECA’s first appearance of the 1986 warrior in their 1/4th scale line and it is a true sight to behold. It stands just over 22” tall making it even bigger than the original Kenner 1979 Alien figure.

But where the NECA figure blows away the Kenner piece is in the articulation. The Kenner figure was great to look at but didn’t have a lot going for it in terms of movement. The NECA piece features an incredible amount of articulation. But before we get to that lets get to the appearance.aliens 1

The Aliens changed quite a bit from the 1979 film to the 1986 sequel. Done was that sort of goofy, dome-like, banana shaped head in favor of a much more cyber/organic look which reflected the artwork of alien designer H.R. Giger. Looking at the head you see it features incredible detail. A multitude of ridges, veins, spikes, and hose-like tendrils adorn the head giving it a bit of a cybernetic look. This look extends throughout the figure with minute detail. The ribs are particularly noteworthy as you have the hard outer ribs but you look inside and once again we have this mass of veins and tendons. It’s quite remarkable. The three fingered hands end in razor sharp, boney claws as do the feet although the feet have four toes

Overall it features some 30 points of articulation including double jointed knees and elbows for a wide variety of poses. The head is on a ball joint so it tilts up and down and side to side although this movement is rather minimal. The hinged mouth opens up to reveal the inner mouth which extends out although I found this movement to not be as smooth as I would prefer. The chest abdomen has a minor swivel action. The back of the figure has four tube-like appendages that need to be assembled yourself.aliens 2

Now as much movement as it has it doesn’t stand as well as you would like. This is a big, heavy piece and its also top heavy due to the large head. You will need the tail to basically act like a third leg to stead the piece for display or you can buy a stand designed for 18” figures to help out.


The figure only uses a small color palette of gray, blue, black, brown, and silver but it uses them effectively. The colors blend extremely well and are a high gloss paint which gives the figure an overall wet, gooey look.

This is just an outstanding piece of one of the most iconic screen monsters. It does have some minor issues standing but with a little bit of tinkering you will have no problem making this the centerpiece of your collection.

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