NECA Announcement: Friday the 13th – 7” Scale Action Figure – Ultimate 2009 Jason

NECA had been teasing a big Halloween reveal and today they revealed it in full. Below you will find all the images NECA released for their rendition of the 2009 Friday the 13th Jason! Again, they astound us. #AFJ4LIFE

Press Release: For the 10th anniversary of the 2009 Friday The 13th reboot, NECA presents the Ultimate 2009 Jason action figure!
The 2009 film reimagined Jason in a different (but still terrifying) light, and this figure is extra-detailed to match. It features two interchangeable heads (one has a removable mask) and the all-new, extra-articulated Ultimate body, plus loads of accessories: machete, axe, fire poker, hammer and screwdriver.
Comes in display-friendly window box packaging with opening flap.

Shipping Date: Q1 2019

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