James Cameron's TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY was the ultimate game changer in visual effects. An unknown actor by the name of Robert Patrick and his T-1000 wowed audiences around the world as his liquid metal Terminator, a more advanced model from the future, was sent to the past to take out a young John Connor. However, this time another T-800 was sent back to be John's protector and he was badder than ever. The seven-year absence in between sequels almost made the general public forget about THE TERMINATOR franchise but it was the 90's now and Arnold was, well, he was back. (You knew I had to throw in one of Arnold's signature lines into a Terminator review!)

T89The T-1000 is amazing to look at on film but what is a Terminator that can turn into knife shaped objects against the ultimate killing machine, the original T-800? Everyone knows the original is always better than the newer model! Arnold reprises the role that made him an international superstar and Action Figure Junkies finally has the Ultimate T-800 figure courtesy of the groundbreaking toy company NECA. This is the penultimate Terminator figure that has ever been made and I do not say that lightly considering the amount of T-800 figures that have been released over the last decade. The sculpt on this figure is insane and the Arnold Schwarzenegger approved likeness makes it look like you have a mini-real life Arnold on your action figure display case. It is that ridiculously accurate with NECA again going for quality over quantity as far as the amount of their yearly releases. Five years from now, I see NECA being the biggest name in toys to reckon with and I am hoping to get an invite to this years holiday party since we are both right here in New Jersey!


Junkies are always adamant about details and if there is one company that delivers the "little things" that we want in a figure it is NECA. They don't just go the extra mile, they go to another state for you. They know what collectors want and what we are thinking. Their anticipation of what we are looking for is almost prescient; like Zoltar knowing what we want. They are Junkies themselves and care about the final product that we spend our hard earned dollars on. This new Ultimate T-800 definitely hits all the marks including ones that I seriously did not even think they could add to a figure! How about this--bullet holes in the back of the T-800's leather jacket! "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle," is the line Arnold says to the biker before taking all of his clothes at the beginning of the film and there is not a detail that is missed. The leather jacket, pants, and even the gloves are perfect and they even have those subtle creases on them the way leather bunches up a bit.

T8005 T8004T80013

As if this is not all enough the paint job is flawless--seriously. I inspected it and there is not a single flaw that I could find. Plus, he can be the T-800 from the beginning of the film or the final battle so he is equipped with the strap of grenade bombs around his chest which is removable. The all-new body is a deluxe 7-inch scale figure that boasts over 25 points of articulation and (wait for it...) 3 INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS! You get the unleaded regular head, the sunglasses head (my favorite) and of course the battle damaged head from right before he gives the thumbs up in the abyss of molten steel. As far as accessories go, there are a plethora including an 1887 Winchester sawed-off shotgun, a GE M134 Minigun, an ammo bag and belt, a ton of M97 grenades and of course the signature M97 grenade launcher, a shotgun, and a 1911 pistol. It is all in a beautiful window box packaging that has become NECA's signature calling card. Like in last week's COMMANDO review here, NECA could make only Arnold figures and stay in business because they are truly that amazing.

T8006 T80010

This is yet another 5-star entry from NECA in less than a week and although AFJ is a little late on this review, this is a killer gift for the upcoming holidays. And it is not just 5-stars in one of our five 5-star ratings, it is 5-stars in ALL of our categories. And at just $19.99, I defy you to find a better deal on a better figure out on the current market. This is an absolute steal and you can purchase it right here if it is in stock: NECA has again outdone themselves with a figure that is scarily accurate to an iconic character that changed action movies altogether almost 25 years ago. Now, a quarter century later, the way Cameron changed filmmaking, NECA is changing action figures and I cannot wait to see what they have for us next in 2016.T85


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