By Jarrett Kruse

Junkies don't have to wait until the very end of NETFLIX's DAREDEVIL Season 2 to see the 25 second Teaser for the highly anticipated LUKE CAGE coming this September. Mike Colter reprises his role as Luke Cage after being introduced as a very big part of the sleeper hit, JESSICA JONES, also on NETFLIX. Word has it that Cage is now moving uptown after the events of JESSICA JONES and I seriously cannot wait. While not an "A-List" MARVEL character, I have always been a huge fan of his and when Bendis wrote him, he became even better so I am loving that he is getting a full season for us to devour. Rumors abound that the events in the new series have the man with unbreakable skin and super-strength continuing months after the storyline from JESSICA JONES.


If we are lucky, we will get to see the origin story of how Luke gained his powers in the NETFLIX/MARVEL world and if it will stick closely to the whole "Heroes for Hire" gig he established with his pal Danny Rand, aka IRON FIST (yet another NETFLIX/MARVEL co-venture set to drop in the next year). Co-starring in LUKE CAGE is Mahershala Ali, Alfre Woodard and a couple of my all-time favorite character actors, Frankie Faison (The Wire, Silence of the Lambs) & Frank Whaley (Swimming with Sharks, Pulp Fiction). The clip is short but exactly what I was hoping for with bullets flying from automatic weapons with Cage standing defiantly as they bounce right off of him. Then the thunderous appearance of the official LUKE CAGE logo and his trademark yellow. September 30th is the day to binge on the new 13-epsiode series so for you Junkies that don't know much about Cage, I highly suggest boning up on some of the old and new HEROES FOR HIRE comics as well as ALIAS. I have a good feeling about this new show because LUKE CAGE, the POWER MAN himself, is finally movin' on up.

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