Hello Junkies! Here is a giant collection of photos from the New York Comic Con 2018. Below you will find all the photos we shared on our Instagram, cosplayers, and general booth displays to show the scope of the Con. AFJ will be at the NYCC until Sunday! Stay tuned for our coverage as it happens! #AFJ4LIFE

See Day 1's coverage HERE on AFJ.
See Day 2's coverage HERE on AFJ.

Photos by Jason Nelson and Robert Trate

Beta Ray BillThe Wizard of Oz
Fast Food Asgardians
Adam and Barbara (Beetlejuice)

The Baroness
Batman 1966
Samurai Batman
Black Panther Family and Black Widow
Blade and Hawk Girl


Bruce Lee
Cable and Deadpool
Captain America (WW2)
Cinnamon Toast Man
The Conjuring Franchise
Deadpool Shenanigans 


Doctor Doom
Elektra Rose
Fall Out
Freddy Kruger

Freddy Mercury 
Times Square Pop-Up Shop
Iron Man and Spider-Man


Jason Voorhees (Video Game), Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers
Kid Flash
The Kingpin

The Macho Man Randy Savage
Dragonball Z
Man of Steel Superman

Mars Attacks
Meg (Family Guy)

Pennywise (IT)
Pro Wrestling Magic

Quail Man
Queen of Hearts
The Red Skull 
Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Michael Shatner
The Sorceress
The Spanish Inquisition 
Doctor Doom, The Balck Cat, Mysterio, Venom, Green Goblin
Super Dave Osborn
The Comedian and Silk Spectre
The Spirit
More Deadpools
Walter White
Wonder Woman
Groot and Yondu
Zapp Branigan 

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