Hello Junkies! Here is another giant collection of photos from the last day of New York Comic Con 2018. Below you will find all the photos we shared on our Instagram, cosplayers, and general booth displays to show the scope of the Con. We had a great time, made new friends, saw old friends, and have a few top 10 lists to turn out. Stay tuned for those here on AFJ! #AFJ4LIFE

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The Comedian and the Silk Spectre
Red Lantern
Enfys Nest 
Deadpool (Popepool?)
Captain America (aka Colorado Captain America)
Rick and Morty Mobile
Full Hasbro Star Wars Panel (go to our Instagram to see over 27 photos)


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Batman, Nightwing, The Red Hood
Foco USA Booth (Slideshow)

Pop Culture Shock Toys Booth (Slideshow)

Coco Puppet (by Jamie Bressler)
Star Wars: Resistance Booth and ReyDiamond Select Toys NYCC Reveals (Part 1 Slideshow)

Diamond Select Toys NYCC Reveals (Part 2 Slideshow)

Daredevil and Elektra
Pac Man
Diamond Select Toys' Busts!

A Quiet Place
LEGO Spider-Man
The End of NYCC 2018!

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