Plunderlings Kickstarter Has Begun!

***Full disclosure, AFJ is only sharing news of the Plunderlings Kickstarter. AFJ is not affiliated nor does it receive any profits from this Kickstarter. ***

Several weeks ago the mad geniuses behind the Plunderlings reached out to AFJ with news of their action figure line. Now their Kickstarter has gone live. Check out these incredible action figures, Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

Official Description: 


Plunderlings are a new concept of fantasy creature. A little bit goblin, a little bit pirate, united with infectious charm. These greedy adorable pirates travel from island to island looking for treasure and mischief. We're building a fully articulated figure that is versatile and able to sit comfortably next to your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Master of the Universe, Figuarts, or Mythic Legions action figures!

See the Kickstarter Campaign and full gallery of characters and figures HERE



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