Red Hood and the Outlaws Red Hood – Action Figure Review

I have never been a huge fan of Red Hood in the comics but with this new DC Collectibles release, that may all change. The new release from the flagship DC toy wing displays renegade and former Robin Jason Todd in all of his awesome glory. I mean, how many heroes can pull off an 80’s jacket over their costumes and still look pretty badass? Based on his appearance in the New 52 book Red Hood and the Outlaws, fans can finally get their hands on what surprisingly turned out to be a very strong addition to this line of figures. Featured in a beautiful window box with a j-peg at the top, this is one top shelf figure for your collection.
This is one highly detailed figure and is for the serious collector in my opinion. Standing at over 6-inches tall, this Red Hood and the Outlaws figure has all the bells and whistles you will be looking for in the extended Dark Knight universe. The first thing you notice is the shiny signature helmet of Jason Todd. It is perfectly sculpted and the color scheme really pops despite not thinking at first that it would work. Alongside the brown jacket are gauntlets on both sides featuring sick looking razors of varying size. I thought that this was a seriously nice touch making Hood look even more like a vigilante than usual. The chest piece has the oversized bat signal in red and the “urban warfare” look that we have been waiting for in a Red Hood figure. Topping it off are two rather large guns as accessories that fit nicely in the holsters around his waist.

All in all, this is one figure that is a must have for the fan of the Dark Knight canon and its fringe members. Jason Todd has always been a bit of a rogue and this figure really captures the look and feel of the New 52 character.

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