Remembering Jarrett Kruse, AFJ’s Founder, 1 Year Later

To the most Wonderful Family in the World... all the people at AFJ,

This will be my last letter to you as it is one year since we lost our beloved son, Jarrett Michael, AKA Captain Junkie/Head Junkie in Charge of AFJ.

One year ago, without any warning at all, Jarrett quietly passed away while he was on his computer working on a piece for AFJ. He was ALWAYS on the computer and ALWAYS working on something for AFJ. Jarrett's life was AFJ. He was so happy and felt that the future of AFJ and his partnership with MJ were going to bring success and happiness. He smiled so much...and when he smiled we smiled. Never in a million years could we have imagined this would happen. One year later we are still asking why? People say healing will take time. Papa Junkie, Jason, MJ, Stephanie, RJ, Christina, Bradley, Ross, and I question this statement. But there is no answer. Nothing has changed---one year---twelve months---will it ever change? I would GIVE ANYTHING, DO ANYTHING, to have our Captain Junkie back. Please, all of you out there, please remember him---don't forget him and when you think of Action Figures, think of Captain Junkie, Jarrett, even if just for one moment. Keep him in your thoughts and your prayers---because all he ever did was think of you and how he could make a success out of something he loved so much. No matter what anyone thought of what Jarrett was doing, there were those who truly believed in him. Starting with MJ, who became like a brother and stuck to Jarrett through everything--good and bad. Thank you, MJ for giving Jarrett your help and friendship and love throughout the past years. And truly Papa Junkie and I would not have made it even this far without you and Stephanie. You have been our major support throughout this horrendous process. There are so many people we would like to thank like Bob, Evan, RJ, Christina, Brad, Ross, Paul, and so many others. AFJ is going to be a SUCCESS because it needs to be so that Jarrett can rest in peace and know that all the work he did, the hours he put in, the days, the months, the years, were not in vain.

We wish we could meet each one of you who have stood by AFJ so that we could thank you in person for helping him and helping get through this catastrophic and painful year. If you want to stay in touch, please do. Papa Junkie goes on the site often as of course does MJ and Jason. I will be here and answer any note or questions you might have or just to talk. I hope we can all come together at a Grand Party for AFJ so we can all meet and truly celebrate the man, our wonderful, kind, and loving son, Jarrett.

Our sincere thanks and love to all of you. Stay well, take care, and know that Jarrett sees all that you are doing to help make AFJ a success.

Our Love to you, Mama and Papa Junkie

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