Remembering Jarrett Kruse – The Founder of Action Figure Junkies

To All Of The AFJ Family,

Well, another month has passed since our cherished son, Jarrett, Head Junkie in Charge, Captain Junkie, left us...all of us.  Without any warning...he was here one minute and gone the next...leaving us with a great hole in our hearts.  But he left us with one of the most important things to him:  ACTION FIGURE JUNKIES!  Jarrett was working that day on an endless list of things that needed to get done for AFJ.  He spoke to MJ  countless times the day before he left as he did every day.  But when Jarrett didn’t answer the phone MJ knew that something was see Jarrett lived for AFJ.  it was on his mind 24/7.  He worked so hard to make his dream come true and with MJ behind him and MJ’s hard work things were on an amazing upswing.  He was so close to seeing AFJ launch.  As Jarrett typed his last words he was on the computer working on an article for AFJ.  But he never finished because he was taken from us.  This was not supposed to happen.
Jarrett surprised us by coming home from California for Thanksgiving.  He was supposed to go back to California on January 8 ironically the day we laid him to rest.  I know that Jarrett knows that no one involved with AFJ WOULD LET IT DIE.  No, AFJ would live on and thrive.  The AFJ family with MJ leading would see to it that it lives and would be something to be proud of.  We’re all so proud of you Ja.  Dad and I are proud to call you our son, MJ is proud to call you a best friend, Jason is proud to call you his brother, Ross, and Bradley are proud to call you their “frousin”, Bob, Stephanie, Evan, Dave, Paul, RJ, Christina, and all the admins are proud to be a part of your dream.  We are all proud to call you Captain Junkie, Head Junkie in Charge...our dear, special Jarrett.

We all miss you more than words can say.  There is not a second that goes by without us thinking of you.  None of us was prepared for what happened—it is so hard to believe that you are not here with us, but you around all of us every day.  With the help and love of all the Junkies, we will make YOU proud...proud for what you started and proud to be a part of your dream for now and always.  You will never be forgotten because AFJ means ALL FOR JARRETT.


Check out Jarrett's work HERE on AFJ. 
By Jason Kruse, Jarrett's brother.

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