AFJ marks the day, the 4th, when we lost our founder, the Head Junkie in Charge, Jarrett Kruse. Above you'll find a picture of Jarrett running into Gaten Matarazzo, Dustin from Stranger Things. He was so thrilled to run into Gaten, you would have thought he ran into one of his heroes. Always the kid at heart Jarrett loved what he did, and surrounded himself with like-minded collaborators. Today we are cracking open a figure or two here at AFJHQ in his honor, but it is Mama and Papa Junkie, that wish to address the Junkies today. Here is both a letter and poem (below the image) from Dianne and David.

To The AFJ Family, 

Thank you to everyone who is helping to keep Jarrett's memory and legacy alive. He worked 24/7 to make AFJ a business that would thrive. For Papa Junkie and I, the last three months have been so rough. But with the help of all of you, we are trying to stay tough. We are getting strength because of you. And we know Jarrett sees all that you do. 

So from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything you do every day. 

Always, Mama and Papa Junkie Jarrett Kruse
From Mama Junkie:
It's been three months since you were taken away
We all miss you so much  -
Your family, your friends, and loved ones at AFJ
Everyone is working so hard
So AFJ won't ever be gone
But we all miss you so much
Sometimes it's hard to move on

Jarrett, Head Junkie in Charge
All your dreams are coming true
Captain Junkie Jarrett, that
Will always be you

Each day we try to do all we can do
To make you proud as AFJ
Will always be a reflection of you

We hope you see all the work that's being done
Everything you've always wanted
To make Action Figure Junkies number one

Those closest to you keep you in their hearts each day -
MJ, Stephanie, Jason, Bob, RJ, Christina, Ross, Evan
And all you Admins too
Want to keep the legacy of AFJ
Alive just for you.

We will make you proud Jarrett,
And AFJ will live on and on and on
To all those at AFJ, the family that you built,
You will never be gone.
By Jason Kruse, Jarrett's brother.

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