By Jessica Napkin

This week’s Saturday morning cartoon and cereal charged mayhem involved none other than He-Man himself!  I found He-Man and the Masters of the Universe on Netflix, and naturally, the kid and I threw it on while I rediscovered the tasty treat that is:  Fruity Pebbles.  First off, Fruity Pebbles was on my radar as a kid but it is definitely up there in my top favorites now as an adult.  I only eat these delicacies on the weekend as a thirty-something, and I have to say Fruity Pebbles are RIGHT!  Lucky Charms was always my go-to as a kid when I asked my mom for a special treat, and I purchased one box of each prior to our cartooning.  I am glad we opened the pebs instead of the charms.

The first episode of He-man, "The Cosmic Comet", debuts Prince Adam:  So dreamy.  Who controls The Cosmic Comet?  SKELETOR, OF COURSE!  He-Man takes on the Cosmic Comet with brute force and saves the day, and we are introduced to Teela and Evil Lynn.  I love the play on words there, EVIL Lynn.  So great.  We really got comfy-cozy for this episode, and Battle Cat was a hit with the kiddo.

The kid had a few bites of cereal with milk this time, no dry cereal to poke at for him!  My milk was delightfully fruity by the middle of this episode and I did go back for a second bowl.  This exercise in nostalgia has done wonders for my Saturdays.  It actually sets a nice tone for the weekend.  Pajamas, some good old cartoons, and a bowl of something packed to the gills with sugar with the company of my kid—it doesn’t get much better than that.  Of course, I do enjoy my giant cup of coffee black in the mornings as well.  I didn’t get into coffee until Junior High but I don’t mind adding that to our new routine.

I would also like to add to last week’s column:  I have fond memories of eating Frosted Flakes (seen HERE) with my dad, when he would take me to this little deli on the weekend for father-daughter breakfast.  I don’t know why, but I always just wanted the miniature box of Frosted Flakes they had there.  I can still remember the blue swivel seats and the menu-board that hung above the cash register.  Here’s to nostalgia, and whatever epic and lovely memories you have to hold near and dear.  Until next week, Junkies!

Jessica Napkin is an AFJ MOD and collecting nerd who swings through the streets of NYC whenever she can looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Follow her on Twitter here.

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