By Jessica Napkin

AFJ is such an amazing adventure for me.  It has taken my once introverted hobby and turned it inside out.  Sharing mail hauls and hunt pics and learning the ins and outs of hunting and trades has expanded my hobby and greatly enriched my day-to-day.  Thank you so much to those Junkies who have helped me out, and showed me the ropes (which I am still learning about). 

In the vein of action figures and comic book heroes, I also have been really enjoying some kid movies with my son.  This habit led to a momentary existential crisis in which I longed for the days of sweet cereals, pajamas and Saturday morning cartoons.  At home as a kid on Saturday morning, I was either watching cartoons or a VHS cartoon that I had long been anticipating. I decided that it might be a fun ritual to start with my son as one day he will be too cool to enjoy his kooky cereal and Lego Batman with his old mom—not to mention I would love it if he was exposed to some of the older cartoons which are readily accessible on Netflix and other platforms.

I kept it simple and picked up some Frosted Flakes as I decided to stick to the classic cereals of my time.  I stumbled upon episodes of Inspector Gadget that were free on the OnDemand feature we have, and it began.  My son had a small bowl of dry cereal he was poking at and I had milk in mine.  We plopped on the couch in our pajamas and watched as Inspector Gadget fell into Claw’s trap and was nearly burned alive by Claw’s Amazonian Temptress!  Of course, Penny and Brain saved the day, but not after nearly falling to their deaths in a rickety wooden boat down a ginormous waterfall!

There was enough time to watch another episode and have a second bowl of cereal as there were no commercials, though I do remember the commercials were a lot of fun to watch.  Hey, look at this amazing Nerf Gun your folks should get you!  Slip'n Slide?  Yes, please!  I’m not even sure what commercials the kids are watching these days but I will soon find out.  If not now, when my kid is old enough to want an electric water-spewing crocodile board game that is somehow linked up to the virtual world.

This was SO much fun and I will be choosing a new sugar-loaded cereal to try each Saturday, and getting into some of the cartoons I loved as a kid as well as checking out some newer ones.  It is a lot of fun if anyone wants to join me, and suggestions for viewing or munching are welcomed.

Jessica Napkin is an AFJ MOD and collecting nerd who swings through the streets of NYC whenever she can looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Follow her on Twitter here.

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