SHAZAM! Junkies! Yes, this weekend Shazam! arrives in theatres but many of you were not alive during Captain Marvel's heyday where he was on a weekly TV series. Thankfully, Warner Archive has released this collection for all of us to watch. What's even better is that Mego (who is back in full force, FYI) also had a Mego rendition of Captain Marvel aka Shazam! Enjoy this sampling of retro TV commercials and clips from Shazam! #AFJ4LIFE

Shazam! (Opening Theme)

Nothing more obvious than placing your secret identity's logo on your Winnebago!

World's Greatest Super-Heroes! by Mego 
When different companies could come together for playtime fun!

Captain Marvel PSA (Shazam TV Series)
Keeping it real Captain Marvel!

Mego: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and the Hulk!
Blink and you'll miss Captain Marvel!

Captain Marvel stops a plane (Shazam TV Series)
You have to appreciate the retro effects and TV tricks here.

Billy and the Elders (Shazam TV Series)
Was it budget constraints or love of Clutch Cargo as to why they went this route with the Elders?

Justice League and Star Trek
The transmutator? Is teleporter copyrighted?

Drugs are no good (Shazam TV Series)
Lessons are always good for TV shows but mentioning where the lead character of the show is always a great wink at the audience.

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