The Hollywood Reporter's "Heat Vision" is reporting that Sony Pictures has a Spider-Man spin-off "Morbius" in the works. The Suicide Squad's Joker, Jared Leto, will play the living vampire in the spin-off film.

From the Hollywood Reporter: "The Oscar-winning actor has signed on to star in Morbius, Sony’s latest entry into its Marvel-based, Spider-Man-centric universe of characters.

Daniel Espinosa, the Scandanavian filmmaker who helmed Safe House and last year's sci-fi thriller Life, will direct the feature project that has a script by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, the duo who created Netflix’s Lost in Space remake". Read the full story HERE.

AFJ's Take: I love that fact that it is being called a spin-off movie despite the fact Morbius has never appeared in a Spider-Man movie, ever. Why not develop the character first in a film with Spider-Man? You know, like the upcoming Venom movie? This seems like a bad move by Sony Pictures and right out the DCEU playbook. Nothing against the Joker Jared Leto, who is a fine actor, but in the realm of characters, in the comic book medium, The Falcon, War Machine, and the Winter Soldier all have a better shot at making a leap into a stand-alone film. The difference here is that Sony has no time or patience to develop any characters or establish them from Spider-Man's stable. They are off and running with high hopes that something sticks to the wall. Nothing is more evident of that than tackling a C-level character from Spider-Man's off again on again rogues gallery who is sometimes a hero.

Who is Morbius? 
"Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Dr. Michael Morbius discovered he was dying, a rare disorder dissolving his blood cells. Not wanting to distress his fiancée Martine, Morbius began secretly working on a cure. With the aid of his partner Emil Nikos, Morbius attempted using distilled fluids from bats to stay his disease. While experimenting with such serums on board his yacht, Morbius had Nikos run an electrical shock through his system. The combination profoundly changed Michael's body, transforming him into something resembling a vampire. Now driven by a blinding hunger for blood, Morbius slew Nikos, but stopped short of draining his friend's body. Fearful that he would strike at Martine next, Michael tried ending his life by jumping into the sea, but self-preservation led him to escape the water's embrace". See more on Marvel.com HERE.

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