Relax, DC Multiverse collectors, you still have until the Spring of 2020 to finish out your lines of Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 figures. However, after that time, the Candian based toy manufacturer, Spin Master, will be crafting DC Entertainment's action figures. The news broke over the holiday.

From the LA Times: "Toronto-based Spin Master Corp. will be the new licensee for DC in the boys’ action category, remote control and robotic vehicles, water toys, and games and puzzles, displacing El Segundo-based Mattel. The three-year global agreement with Warner Bros. begins in spring 2020. Mattel will keep some of its licensing rights, including for preschool and girls’ toys, Goldman analyst Michael Ng said in a note to clients". Read the full article HERE.

What does this mean? This means once Mattel's deal is up, in the Spring of 2020, Spin Master Corp will be producing action figures and toys in the likeness of DC Comics and DC Entertainment's characters. Of course, the likes of Mezco Toyz, Hot Toys, DC Collectibles, and other higher end action figure and collectibles creators will still have their deals in place, but the regular toys you find in brick and mortar stores will be produced by Spin Master.

How will this affect the industry? As AFJ sees it, Spin Master, in 2020, will become a major player in the action figure realm. Will this be the end of Mattel? No, as they still have their Barbie and Hot Wheels/ Matchbox car lines. As well as their WWE and Jurassic World licenses too.

AFJ's Take: Thank god. DC Multiverse has been all over the place with the quality of their sculpts and likeness for the characters and properties that many hold so dear. The production quality alone has been slipping and it seemed, as of late, that Mattel was really interested in the line, to begin with. We welcome the change because if Spin Master can step up the game, in the action figure realm, then it is a win-win for everyone! #AFJ4LIFE

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