It’s May the Fourth, a day that is wrapped around Star Wars. I am going to ask you, what do you want in a Star Wars game?Well, I have an idea for a Star Wars game that has been stirring around in my brain. The next great Star Wars game should get away from the first person shooters, at least for a while. Obviously, there will still be shooting or blasting as they refer to it in the Star Wars universe but maybe something a little different. I believe that Lucasfilm and Disney should look to emulate Rock Star Games’ highly successful and addictive Grand Theft Auto series.

The Story:
Princess Leia’s blockade runner, the Tantive 4, is taken back to the Death Star. The ship’s crew and guards are taken aboard and placed into the detention center. Your mission is to escape from the Death Star by any means possible. The Death Star may just be the size of “small moon” but with thousands of rooms, corridors, hangers, and levels the possibilities are limitless. With an entire space station as the gamers “sandbox” one simply has to decide how you are going to escape and, if anything, what are you going to do about this new weapon the Empire has created.
Star Wars rebel soldiers

Not all of the Rebels or Alliance members are human. Many could simply put on Stormtrooper armor or a TIE Fighter flight suit and disappear. What about the Wookies, Bothans or Dressellians?  They won’t just blend in. Creating a diverse group of rebel prisoners would enable the gamer to have multiple adventures with completely different outcomes. Obliviously, the perks of being a different rebel would vary from character to character. Brute strength, technical expertise and perhaps even demolition skills all could be part of the game.

Game Play:
In keeping with the Grand Theft Auto style, the third person perspective is how one would play the game. Once out the detention center, it would entirely be up to you where you go next. There would, of course, be missions: blow up the Death Star from within, get word to the alliance and rescue the Princess. Though perhaps you might want to save your own neck and get the hell out of there. With this being a Star Wars property you will not have many of the benchmarks of a Grand Theft Auto game. There won’t be slave dancers or intergalactic hookers on the station. The brutality of the game will probably be scaled back a bit so no bashing in a Stormtrooper’s head. Another downside is that since it is on a space station big land vehicles are not going to work. Yet how could anyone, including programmers and developers, resist not inserting speeder bikes or perhaps an AT-ST into a loading bay. Once inside, the only thing in your way would be the doors.

I will let your imagination run wild with various missions and tractor beams you would have to disable to get off the Death Star. With the Death Star at the height of its power and a full cast of characters to populate it with, wouldn’t it be both awesome and terrifying to run into Darth Vader? Though with the proper planning one could even end up being one of his personal guards or pilots. Here the game could really get interesting, take out the Dark Lord of the Sith and get away with it.

Bonus Content:
Star Wars Zombies

Zombies, zombies and more zombies. Did I mention zombies? "Death Troopers", a novel by Joe Schreiber, brought a horror element to the Star Wars universe. So let’s put it into the video game genre as well. “Stormtrooper Zombies” would begin a few moments after the second Death Star has been destroyed. You are TK-013 and you have managed to survive in one of the huge hunks of the station still drifting through space. Your mission is to survive the onslaught of recently deceased Imperial zombies and find a way off the burning wreckage. Obstacles, levels, and weapons would include Force fields (to maintain the air supply and gravity), trash compactors (complete with mutant Dianogas) and the ever so hard to find lightsaber; along with your usual Star Wars weapons. To one-up the carnage a contingent of Gamorean Guards is raiding the wreckage for supplies. 

What’s The Sequel?:
Star Wars Cloud City

Can I please get this game by the fourth quarter of next year? Oh well, one can only dream. May the Fourth be with you.
STAR WARS Grand theft auto

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