Star Wars Resistance: “Descent” Preview and Images

"Decent" is the last episode before the big season 1 finale of Star Wars Resistance. As you will see in the clip above, the tension is already there between Kaz, Yeager, and the First Order Troopers. #AFJ4LIFE

Press Release: In "Descent," After the First Order discover the Fireball was the ship that crossed into their territory, Yeager's crew must evade troopers hunting them down. After realizing that Kaz and Yeager have been lying to her, Tam decides to stay with the troopers, convinced her own innocence will save her from the wrath of the First Order.

The new episode - "Descent " - will also be available SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd (12:01 a.m. PT) on the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD, giving kids and families access to the series wherever and whenever they want to watch.

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