Star Wars Resistance: “The Core Problem” Preview & Images

Poe Dameron was able to get on the Colossus, but will be to get to leave? Check out the clip above and the images below for this week's Star Wars Resistance episode titled "The Core Problem". #AFJ4LIFE

Press Release: In "The Core Problem," Poe and Kaz seek out an area of the Unknown Regions that their intel on the First Order is pointing to. After the unsettling discovery of multiple cored and broken planets, they must evade a series of First Order pilots in order to make it back alive.

The new episode - "The Core Problem " - will also be available SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17th (12:01 a.m. PT) on the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD, giving kids and families access to the series wherever and whenever they want to watch.

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