Star Wars: The Black Series Archive Biker Scout – Review

Wave 2 of the Star Wars: Black Series is hitting stores now. We picked up a Biker Scout to troop build for our collection. Truth be told, we never took our 2014 Black Series release, with the Speeder Bike, out of the package. We were dying to finally have one and see if it was as good as it looked. Enjoy the review above. #AFJ4LIFE

Order the Biker Scout HERE from Hasbro Pulse or HERE from Entertainment Earth.

Official Product Description: Chased by Rebels, Biker Scouts race their speeder bikes through the Endor forest. The Biker Scouts weave at breakneck speed through the trees, trying to outrun the Rebels so they can warn the shield generator station of the enemy's presence. This 6-inch-scale Biker Scout figure is carefully detailed to look like the character from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and features premium detail and multiple points of articulation.

Includes: figure and accessory.

  • This Star Wars The Black Series Archive action figure includes a Biker Scout-inspired blaster accessory that makes a great addition to any Star Wars The Black Series collection. Kids and fans alike can imagine action-packed scenes with the scout trooper inspired by the character from the Star Wars galaxy.
  • Featuring premium deco and multiple points of articulation for high poseability (4 fully articulated limbs), fans and collectors can display the Star Wars The Black Series Archive Biker Scout figure in their action figure and vehicle collection to imagine scenes from the Star Wars galaxy. Advanced articulation allows fan to pose their figure in a variety of poses for display in their collection.
  • Look for other Star Wars The Black Series and Star Wars The Black Series Archive figures, inspired by the Star Wars movies, to collect a 6-inch scale galaxy of Star Wars figures. (Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

Ages 4 and up

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