Luke. The X-Wing. One shot to take out the Death Star. After the Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing Fighter is the most iconic STAR WARS vehicle in the history of the franchise. It has been a long while since we have seen the X-Wing with a droid in the back ready to fly through the galaxy like a bat out of hell. Have no fear Rebels, there’s a new X-Wing in town and it is piloted by the new EPISODE VII ace pilot Poe Dameron with the spherical astromech droid BB-8 in the rear. (I have a sneaking suspicion that BB-8 is going to steal every scene he appears.)

Poe Dameron's X-Wing

According to Wookiepedia, Poe commanded a squad of T-70 X-WIng fighters under the callsign of Black Leader. That alone is pretty bad ass. According to Wookiepedia, Poe was a leading member of the Resistance and quickly became a leader amongst the group's attempts to halt the fight against the First Order. I am not exactly sure yet what BB-8’s relationship is to Poe outside of being his co-pilot as well as Rey who seems to have some kind of connection to the little rolling droid. Now let's jump right into the review of the definitive Rebel vehicle that appears to have only made a few minor changes in both its inward and outward appearance. Still, it's a friggin X-WING!! It already gets two and a half stars just for its pedigree.

Poe Dameron's X-Wing

Now let's get down to brass tax of what's in the box. First of all, you get a highly detailed 3.75" Special Edition Poe Dameron flight suit action figure with removable helmet. Poe is also equipped with a pistol and a holster as well. For the record they will be making a 6-inch BLACK SERIES POE DAMERON figure but not for a few months. Naturally, most of the box is made up of the vehicle itself, the Special Edition Poe Dameron action figure that I should tell you has just five points of articulation, an accessory, a projectile and of course printed instructions in case you run into a little trouble putting the X-Wing together. I am definitely a little bummed that BB-8, who is in the rear of the ship is not removable. For $50 for this piece, BB-8 should be removable giving us two Special Edition figures. So I definitely have a bone to pick with Hasbro on that considering how much cash we are plunking down fifty bucks. BB-8 does have a function though, you have push down BB-8 droid to open the wings into the storied X-Wing position. Behind it is a lever that closes the wings so it's all good.


Now I am not going to compare this X-Wing to some of the best X-Wings that we have seen over the years. For the first main vehicle from Episode VII to be released, by looks alone it is an impressive entry. As much as I've always loved Luke's X-Wing white and orange with its already been through battle look. This new X-Wing looks like it was just flown off the lot which is probably what I like about it so much. I really love the colors which can only be described as dark grey, deep orange, and Tatooine Sand.

Poe Dameron's X-Wing

The X-Wing measures respectable 16-plus inches with a solid 14” wingspan. This translates into great for both collectors and kids. Another bonus that I really thought was a nice touch in the almost 40 years of STAR WARS toy making, was that the front landing gear on Poe’s X-Wing retracts. Still bummed that you can’t pop BB-8 out of there but I am sure some customizer has already figured out how to do it. While $50 may not seem like a lot to us hardcore toy collectors, the cost is a King’s Ransom to a kid so they may want to lay off getting this sizable toy until the big holidays coming down the line. Another great thing to consider for parents is that there are zero batteries required for this baby. For the die-hard STAR WARS Junkie like myself, it was an easy 1-2-3 click of the mouse to get it here in two days via my beloved AMAZON PRIME.



I definitely had some issues getting Poe to get his butt to fit snugly in the cockpit with his helmet on is an issue as is closing the cockpit with Poe inside said cockpit. A lot of STAR WARS maniacs have been complaining about the soft front nose shell of the ship but the less chance of something breaking, all the better I say. And let's all remember, it is a toy and it is meant for a little boy (or girl). As much as some are complaining about the colors on both the bird and Poe’s duds, I think it looks like an awesome natural color progression for the X-Wings we grew up with. What is magical to me is that this is going to be some kids first X-Wing, the way my Dad bought me mine in ’79. And kids will run outside playing and firing the rockets and surely break something but that is the magic of STAR WARS and I am so glad to be privy to seeing an entirely new generation go through what I already. However, this time I have the knowledge of the past and am anxiously awaiting the future of December 18th!! Life really is one big circle, the moon rolls through the nighttime till the daybreak comes around!

Overall I think that a $35-$40 price tag would make these X-WING’s fly off the shelves and hopefully by the holiday season, they will. I am a big fan of having the “first” of something and I just really dig the mesh of new colors and flight suits and the X-Wing ’15 has won me over even though my X-Wing ’77 will never be taken out of the garage again. Crazy rebel Jedi kids…

Luke Skywalker and Poe Dameron


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