Super7 Debuts Shogun Warriors Line and Release Date!

The Shogun Warriors are back and in 3.75" form from Super7. Super7 teased this return on their Instagram, but today, they unleashed a full wave with pictures. They call on sale Monday the 7th of January! Personally, we need the Mazinger Z! He was one of our favorites! #AFJ4LIFE

Press Release: The iconic Shogun Warriors have roared back with Super7 as 3.75-inch ReAction Figures! Arriving next Monday in the Super7 webstore: Shogun ReAction Figures! Mazinger Z! Doublas M2! Garada K7! Great Mazinger! Rokuron Q9! Five Shogun Warriors can now accompany you anywhere and everywhere in your pocket or backpack. It's not like back in The Day when your Mom had to drive you and Great Mazinger to your friend's to play because the toy was so huge. Now you can take the Shogun Warriors everywhere and recreate your favorite Shogun Warrior scenarios at home, at the office, during class, at the coffee shop, or waiting for an appointment. The only limit is your imagination and self-respect. The Shogun Warriors arrive next Monday - 7th in the Super7 Webstore at 12:00PM Noon PST.

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