After last week's blockbuster meeting with the RED TORNADO and the shocker ending where Kara actually cut her skin on a piece of glass, I didn't know what to expect this week. Thankfully, the SUPERGIRL experiment continues to move forward with tremendous forward momentum and has become an absolute treat for Monday nights. It certainly is the pick me up you will need after watching FOX's dreary but still excellent GOTHAM. That being said, Kara definitely did seem to blow a gasket while making mincemeat out of the RED TORNADO which is what I accredited her shedding blood in Cat Grant's office too. "Human for a Day" was actually much better than I had expected because let's face it, we tune in to superhero shows to see superpowers. So how good could this episode be? Let's dive deeper into the goings on of National City this week.


At the DEO, Double-H (Hank Henshaw) says that it seems that Kara has drained her Kryptonian cells of their solar energy and it could take a couple of days before she is all better and back to normal. It is just a matter of her cells absorbing Earth's yellow sun and her powers should return. In the meantime, she is completely human and vulnerable to everything we are susceptible to. Meanwhile, since they started investigating Henshaw, Alex has become convinced everything that her boss of the past few years has told her has been a lie. She is convinced that Henshaw was responsible for her father, Jeremiah's death. Kara seems to has a cold at the offices of Catco and Ms. Grant gives a rousing speech on how her little cases of the sniffles can quite possibly cause the next recession! Cat continues to add that Kara never getting sick is the best thing about her assistant.


Henshaw goes to the cell of Jemm of the Faceless Hunters, a mind-reading and controlling alien imprisoned at the DEO. Jemm makes a threat to Henshaw about turning his loved ones into dust and Hank says under his breath that there's no one left. Strange comment right? Out on the street, Jimmy & Kara are chatting and the seasoned photographer divulges that he and Lucy are getting an apartment together before realizing that Kara is without her powers. They discuss it and Jimmy says that is has happened to Superman several times and what's the worse that could happen. Cut the giant earthquake to hit National City! Kara almost immediately sprains her arm and is walking around with a sling. The entire city has fallen into chaos in just a few minutes and has never needed Supergirl more than right this minute.


At the DEO, they also lose their power and Jemm has escaped and is on the loose inside the facility. Alex seals the base but is very suspicious of Henshaw. Alex calls Kara and warns that she is locked in with Henshaw which apparently is standard operating procedure for this kind of incident. By using crystals from Kara's Kryptonian mother, the spectral Alura Zor-El explains that Jemm has very advanced psychic abilities. He was in the Phantom Zone where he was able to read and control minds and adds that her daughter is their only defense against him. Hank is taking a team wearing neural blockers to go after Jemm and asks Alex to stay behind because of her experience. How do you say suspicious in Kryptonian?


Back at Catco, Cat, calling Winn "Witt" has him somehow fix one of the Televisions in her office. Maxwell Lord is on TV trouncing Supergirl asking "where is Supergirl when we need her" as he has set up first aid tents and medical stations around the city. Cat is determined to counteract Lord's diatribe with a speech of her own because after all, Supergirl is her creation. She branded her, she marketed her, she is a product of Catco. Apparently, Lord knows exactly why Supergirl has lost her powers and tells Jimmy and Kara that if she has not gotten them back by now, then it doesn't look good that they will return. Kara is scared and concerned and tells Jimmy how important being Supergirl is to her and that since she emerged as the hero, it has been the best time of her life.


At the DEO, the two agents Henshaw took to track down Jemm are killed but even when he returns to the main building, he will not let Alex get in the game furthering her suspicion. Alex decides to take the reigns and tells another DEO agent that this isn't the first time Henshaw is the sole survivor of a botched operation and it's only a matter of time before Jemm unleashes his alien friends on the DEO. Wick is helping Cat by using his crazy tech skills and she decides to do a live broadcast to usurp Lord and say that Supergirl will return. She says that although Supergirl has not been located, her spirit is with us and for the citizens of National City to act like a superhero even if you aren't one. It was actually quite moving and you can tell that Cat has grown very fond of the Girl of Steel. She is the friend she wants but won't admit that she actually needs. After a man at the Lord tent is dying from an apparent heart attack, Kara is heartbroken that she could not do anything to save him. On the street, Kara is beside herself crying that she could not save the guy but Jimmy reassures her that losing her powers doesn't change who she is. "No hero can save everyone, not even Superman...," says Jimmy.


At the DEO, it is now just Alex and Henshaw accosts her and that the only reason he held her back was that he didn't want her to try something like this. Alex pulls a gun on Henshaw and tells him to cuff himself which he does so but it is clear he has something to say. Alex tells Hank that she blackmailed her father to work for him but Henshaw stops her and says that Jeremiah Danvers was a good man but Alex is irate and yells for him not to mention her father's name. Alex proceeds to tell Jemm to meet her in the control center for a "shootout" of sorts to finish this. Hank screams and begs her not to do this but if I've learned anything about Alex, it is that she has an iron will and once she decides on something, she is set on it.


At Catco, Jimmy and Kara share a moment and have a hug that looks like its going to turn into something more but Winn walks in on it thinking it definitely was something more! Kara tries to explain herself but he does not want to hear about it at this point and reminds her that Lucy is Jimmy's girlfriend. Another explosion above the Catco offices rocks the skyscraper trapping people on the higher floors. Jimmy immediately tries to climb up the elevator shaft to get the people down to the Catco floor. The elevator cables are starting to tear and its close but then it gets worse and Jimmy begins to plummet down the shaft. Naturally, that's when Kara's powers come back. From then on it is a montage of Supergirl saving people at various spots all over National City. And Kara has never looked happier.

The standoff at the DEO is beginning and Alex is wearing one of those neural blockers so that Jemm cannot manipulate her thoughts. She gives a valiant effort and does wells but Jemm is still not dead until Henshaw beats the absolute crap out of him. Now Alex is more curious than ever and wants to know what's what because Double-H did just save her life. He asks if she really wants to hear this and Alex is all ears. He admits that he is NOT DEO agent Hank Henshaw but was being hunted by him and his father Jeremiah. Alex's father tried to explain to the real Henshaw that this alien they were trying to capture was not a threat but he was hellbent on capturing him anyway. The details are fuzzy on what exactly happened and who killed who but we know that Jeremiah gave his life to save the alien they were hunting because he was just a refugee and the last of his world. Henshaw says that he is a shapeshifter (NICE! I got it right from my previous reviews! Hold your applause...) and he is the last son of Mars and his name is J'onn J'onzz!! What?!? The Martian Manhunter! As he reveals himself, he shapeshifts into the Martian Manhunter and Alex's jaw hits the floor. Epic! Although Alex has to promise not to tell anyone, not even Kara.


As Kara tries to make nice with Winn at Catco, you can tell he is still pretty pissed. What does he have to do already, set himself on fire to get her to notice him? Kara dons the cape that evening and flies by Cat's office window and they exchange a genuine heart to heart and share a moment of actual mutual admiration. Kara flies off, over the moon that all is right with the world and she is sky bound again. Just then, she crash lands with a giant Kryptonian thud. It is her Aunt Astra and her goons and they are taking Supergirl hostage. I have to admit that I am psyched to see if Astra is all talk or she actually has the power to cause a hurt on the last Zor-El.


I really dug this episode because it really showed me that SUPERGIRL is a highly entertaining show even when they go light on the superhero heroics. More than anything, I liked the acting and how much Kara really seemed to care that her powers were gone. Melissa Benoist continues to impress me as the daughter of Krypton. Can't wait till Monday. Plus, so many figures I want now with the addition of Martian Manhunter. There's Supergirl, Red Tornado, Livewire, etc. Hope they keep up the good work for the Fall Finale!

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