By Jarrett Kruse

Supergirl is only in its third episode but it already feels like a show that I have been watching the show for a lot longer. Its aw, shucks kind of hominess makes you feel very comfortable with the characters, particularly the lead Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers/Kara Zor-El/Supergirl. I imagine the field of actresses to audition for the part of Supergirl was bigger than the explosion caused by Krypton. However, Benoist has this undeniable charm and warmth that makes you want to root for her or take her out for coffee in my case. She is easily taking the cake as my #1 superhero sweetie of the new season. Now, onto "Fight or Flight."


We pick up exactly where we left off last week with Supergirl hovering over Cat Grant's chauffeured limo with the media mogul looking up in awe. She asks a few basic questions but Kara starts getting a little antsy when she is asked why she has not made herself or her powers known until now. Clearly Cat is fishing for blood, trying to get Kara to feel guilty about all of the people  she could have saved in National City during Cat's reign over the metropolis (no pun intended). Still, Cat did not get to where she got without being a good reporter. When she asks Kara, "are you planning on starting a family?" Frustrated, Kara seems flustered at this query like a kid kicking the dirt after being picked last in dodgeball. Without even thinking, Kara answers the question saying,  "Nobody ever asks my cousin these questions." Whoops. Big time blunder for Cat to pounce on. Kara flies away saying that the interview is over but Cat has got what she came for, a big scoop.


The next day, the media world is abuzz that Superman and Supergirl are cousins as it makes it way across social media. Cat lets Kara know that she herself is coming out of writing retirement to write a piece on Supergirl that makes Kara very, very nervous. Meanwhile at the DEO, Henshaw is irate that she would do something so stupid as to give an interview to Cat Grant. Then he has the line of the episode with, "what do you think this is? 'Keeping up with the Kryptonians?'" Classic. A second later their is a Code Grey which means their is a massive pileup on the freeway. Their is no extra-terrestrial activity but Supergirl takes off anyway excited to help. After she saves the day pulling the driver stuck in her rig, a Tony Stark-like villain flies onto the scene. Looking like the Mark-1 armor that Tony made in that Afghani cave in the first Iron Man movie, this crazed man in some sort of armor complete with a similar arc reactor looking thing in his chest, is demanding Supergirl where Superman is. Naturally I was confused because what could this possibly have to do with cousin Clark? He takes off once his batteries start malfunctioning but he certainly packed a punch against Kara.


Back at the DEO, Henshaw gives details on who the villain is and that his name is Reactron. Supthe advanced bio-medical tech, man-made tech. Henshaw says that Reactron falls out of the DEO's jurisdiction and to call her cousin before storming off. Back at CATCO, Cat is having a coniption while she is trying to write for the first time in years. Winn has set up an office on a different floor for him, Jimmy and Kara so that they can work secretly while at work on Supergirl stuff. Kara slips again, letting Winn know that Clark Kent is Superman and his jaw hits the floor. Jimmy says that Reactron has almost killed Clark in the past and that he is not to be trifled with.

We meet up with mogul genius Maxwell Lord who is working on some type of supertrain vanity project for National City. Reactron arrives through the ceiling and barks that he needs someone with a background in nuclear fission. Reactron takes off his mask and you can see the radiation damage all over his face. Lord volunteers himself to be kidnapped by Reactron instead of one of his other employees who he calls "a dope." Peter Facinelli plays Maxwell Lord who I only really know as Jennie Garth's ex-husband and the jock from Can't Hardly Wait. Clearly he is enjoying chewing the scenery here as the mogul Lord. Oh he was in one of the Twilight movies too.


Meanwhile Cat is planning a major soiree for her Supergirl cover story. Alex pays Kara a visit to CATCO and they foursome are off to their new secret chamber. Alex has discovered that five years earlier, Superman saved what could have been an American Chernobyl. Thorium 232 was found at Bakerline Nuclear Poweer Station and Superman stopped the terrorists but there were two casualites, plant workers Ben and Alyssa Krull. Although Ben did not die, he became obsessed with killing Superman. Krull is able to survive by somehow being around black mold which Winn found some 60 miles away at an old junkyard. Kara finds a tied up Lord but is then shocked with a blast by Reactron. Kara is clearly outmatched and looks more and more like Iron Man by the way. While taking on major hits, Kara blacks out but not before we see a familiar figure swoop in and save the day before commercial.


Kara awakens and is pissed to find out that Clark had given Jimmy a "Page Superman Watch" to press should he ever be needed if Kara gets into any big time trouble Despite her crush on Jimmy, she is very hurt that he would press that button and not even give her the chance to do it herself. The Lord press conference is on the TV and he thanks none other than....SUPERMAN for saving the day. Not National City's first lady of truth, justice and the American way. Kara asks that Jimmy leave thinking that he does not believe in her. He goes, reluctantly but says he is not sorry about what he did because she is still alive. Kara is beating herself up because originally, it was supposed to be her taking care of Clark, not the other way around.


Kara arrives at the ball for the new CATCO issue with her on as Supergirl on the cover. Even the waitresses are dressed as Supergirl giving Kara a slight chuckle. Winn asks Kara to dance and clearly he over the moon for her. Lord and Cat dance but its more like two animals sniffing each other for mating as they exchange barb after barb about business affairs. Back at the DEO, Henshaw's eyes light up bright red again and this time he says "Alex." Are his alien powers related to Alex Danvers? Henshaw finds her in a lab. Alex divulges that she is helping Kara stop Reactron. She rationalizes that she cannot distinguish between aliens and people anymore especially when her little sister's life is at stake. Henshaw acquiesces and asks, "so how do we defeat this Reactron?"


Back at the party, Jimmy kills Winn's game and asks to cut in. Damn you Olsen! James confesses that he presses that button when he gets scared but it is part of the reason he left Metropolis; that he was relying on the button too much. Reactron again comes through the ceiling making a grand entrance demanding where Supergirl is before firing a firy shot through a jumbo sized magazine cover of her. Kara runs off to change and takes Reactron with a swift kick but he counters with some massive fiery blows of his own. She saves Winn from a falling concrete pillar while Olsen distracts Reactron saying "you want to hurt Superman? I'm his best friend!" Alex & Henshaw tell Kara that the only way to stop Reactron is to remove the core matrix from his chest but has to encase it in, wait for it, lead! So Kara uses her heat vision and melts a statue holding on to a big old handfull of lead. While they take the fight outside, Kara is stopping Reactron's blast until she gets closer enough to pull the core matrix from his chest and encase it in lead. Reactron is now off to prison and all is right in National City.


The next day when Kara seems to have enough pluck and courage to ask Jimmy out, she walks in on Jimmy talking with...Lucy Lane, Lois' younger sister. Kara uses her super hearing to listen in and apparently Lucy did not like the way they ended things and are going to go have dinner and talk. Kara is clearly bummed back at her desk when she gets an Instant Message on her laptop screen from Clark simply saying , "Hi." They have a really sweet back and forth that Clark ends with, "What else is family for?" making Kara get misty.


Save for the sometimes 90's looking sets and cheesy villains, I love Supergirl. It is a show I actually look forward to every Monday night and it puts a smile on my face which in the end is all that matters. And for the small screen, the effects are improving. Plus, this is a show that you can have your little girl watch and use as a much needed role model. I see next Halloween having quite a few Supergirl's trick or treating.

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