Superman No More (?) – IS Henry Cavill No Longer Superman (UPDATED)

The Hollywood Reporter broke the exclusive story (seen HERE) that Henry Cavill will no longer be the Man of Steel. Why? "Talks broke down for a cameo in 'Shazam!' due to scheduling conflicts, and the door is now closing on other potential appearances for the actor".

Additionally, the Hollywood Reporter is stating that Cavill would not have appeared in the recently announced Super Girl origin story, as a reason for the talks between his rep and the studio collapsing.

However, it is this in the Hollywood Reporter that gives non-fans of the Zack Snyder universe hope. "'There's a recognition that some parts of the previous movies didn't work,' says the studio insider. Another source says Warners is trying to hit a "reset" button with the DC universe, steering its ship slowly into another direction".

So Henry Cavil is out and Ben Affleck doesn't seem interested. Who's excited for Aquaman now? Who should take over the role of Superman? Sound off, Junkies! #AFJ4LIFE

Update! At 10:45 AM Henry Cavill's agent, Danny Garcia, posted the following on Twitter (below). So the story is still in flux.

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