There is no better word in toys I like hearing than "EXCLUSIVE." Well "FREE" is always good too but hearing about a new Exclusive on the AFJ page gets me in my Tommy Lee Jones in THE FUGITIVE mode where I am ready to saddle up and drive to the ends of the Earth, well New Jersey at least, and look high and low for the new elusive toy that has the word "Exclusive" stamped on it usually with the retailer's logo sticker. And I love that more stores including retailers like WALGREENS that you would not expect to sell toys are participating in the Exclusive craze. When HASBRO debuted this new TARGET 3-PACK EXCLUSIVE at TOY FAIR for the fourth quarter of 2015, it was met with lots of "oohs" and "ahhs" mostly at the executive making fun of the VISION's little white toes. So without further ado, lets jump right in and check out TARGET'S newest EXCLUSIVE 3-PACK that can be picked up for just over $30. Plus if the last TARGET 3-PACK MARVEL LEGENDS EXCLUSIVE is any indicator, before you know it it will be on the $15 clearance rack!


The 3-PACK includes ULTRON, HULK and MARVEL'S VISION. I never understand why they have to put "MARVEL" in front of VISION and only VISION but that's an argument for another time. This Collectors Edition is pretty badass despite the haters that immediately had bad things to say about TARGET's newest addition to an already amazing year for the MARVEL LEGENDS brand. Personally I would have released this 3-PACK the day of the release of the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON sequel but instead, they waited. So what better way than to analyze each figure one by one, giving us the lowdown on which of the three are the best and worth buying and which ones can go in the "not worthy of display" pile.



I have always been a big fan of Tony Stark's A.I. creation and think that James Spader did him proud in the AVENGERS sequel. However, if you are a LEGENDS maniac like myself, you know that this is NOT the first Ultron of 2015. It was just a few months ago that we had the BUILD-A-FIGURE ULTRON Wave and that Ultron was no slouch. It towered over the one in this three-pack and obviously had more of a movie look to it. Still, this new Ultron, although diminutive in comparison to the BAF ULTRON, is seriously dope looking. It has kind of a shinier, silver look with these really cool flecks of orangey red all over the figure. It looks the best right at the eyes and mouth of the figure where it has an almost cheetah look to it. Although it will be my back up ULTRON, it is still an outstanding figure. If they had gone 2 and a half to three inches taller, that would have really sold me. ***1/2 out of 5



The big green guy that can be soothed by Black Widow's lullaby or Tony Stark's Veronica/HULKBUSTER looks awesome here and is my favorite of the three figures. They have gone the way of THE INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK comic book version of Hulk by one of my favorite artist and writer tandems, Leinil Francis Yu and Mark Waid, respectively. Complete with a buzzcut, Hulk looks awesome here. Muscles flexed and teeth grinning wide, puny Banner can suck it while this Hulk goes and wreaks havoc! These are the best looking Hulk pants I am yet to see on any Hulk figure. They actually look like tactical pants and not just sweatpants that are ripped all over giving him that slovenly look. This Hulk looks like he is ready for a mission and it shows. Hands down, my new favorite Hulk of all-time. It may not have the size of the MARVEL SELECT Hulk's but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in detail, its paint job and a killer sculpt. Well done HASBRO! ****1/2 out of 5



I know what you are thinking. A White Vision? Huh? Was that in AGE OF ULTRON? Did I not stay long enough after the credits rolled? When was VISION white?!? Well, you've got to go way back to remember when the VISION was all white in appearance. It has been a long time since the days of the WEST COAST AVENGERS and the time of the all-white VISION. This figure can really be considered a "variant" because of its obscurity and overall rarity that they would even risk making such an oddity of a character in an Exclusive 3-PACK. The basic origin of how he came to be all white was from when governments were adamant on stealing the Vision to take him apart and see what made him tick before returning him to Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Once returned, Dr. Pym reconstructs Vision but with a completely clear and all-white pallor. Taking away the greens, purples, and yellows, Pym made Vision a chalk white new version of everyone's favorite android. I am supremely impressed that TARGET would do their MARVEL research to actually find such a rare version of what really is a very important character in the AVENGERS canon. The figure itself looks terrific the only parts that are not white are a few black lines on his chest and hips. His eyes are black as night as is the ever important jewel on his forehead. I love the way that the cape flows in all white and this will be a great figure to display hopefully hanging feigning that he is levitating. Overall, a nice addition for several reasons and I hope TARGET & MARVEL take more risks like this in future Exclusive 3-packs. **** out of 5


This TARGET EXCLUSIVE 3-PACK is a must have for LEGENDS JUNKIES and will make a fine gift for the upcoming holidays. Right now they are sold out on the TARGET website but you may get lucky if you hit a few local TARGETs in your area. What I would love is if TARGET did this more than once a year. I mean even WALGREENS has had more Exclusives this year than TARGET. I know they are having money troubles and closing stores in Canada, but come on TARGET, get your act together!


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