If you are like us, you might have wondered what happened to your NECA section in the past few days at Target. First and foremost, AFJ is part of the NECA Ambassador program. We adopted a store and took on the responsibility of straightening up a local Target's NECA section. On Thursday (April 4th) we came across the following at our location.
At first glance, we thought it was refit or reset for the Spring releases. We then walked the entire location and noticed that not a single NECA toy, plush, or action figure was anywhere to be found. We sent in our weekly photo, as we're supposed to, to NECA, and decided to come back in a day or two.

We then received this message from a Junkie, named Jonathan Spooner:
We decided it was time to reach out to NECA and find out what was happening. After all, Target employees (having been one) are not always given the best or correct information. NECA responded promptly with the following message:

"There is absolutely no change in our relationship with Target or the Target program. The promo sections for the final season of Game of Thrones (adding those was part of the “spring reset” for Target) have probably confused some people, since it did require moving our section 1 or 2 spaces over in a few dozen stores, but the section is still essentially in the same spot in those few stores and in the same spot as usual everywhere else. As usual for the spring reset, some things do change - certain sections were moved out of a handful of underperforming stores and into a handful of stores that had never had a NECA section before. The total number of stores with NECA sections remains the same.

Both Target and NECA are definitely very pleased with the results we have seen so far, and the program will be expanding. If anyone sees a prolonged/unexpected change in their store, they’re welcome to contact the Target Program ( with details and we’ll investigate with management". - NECA

So if your NECA section looks like ours (first picture above) or Jonathan's NECA and Target are making adjustments. Remember Junkies, this is still the first year for this partnership. There will be growing pains and it will never be as perfect as we would like it. We are very appreciative that we have been able to get several NECA figures at our location. We will now just have to move to another one to do so.

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