Teletraan II Files – The Cliff Notes of the Transformers

With, hopefully, a reset of Transformers at the movies (in Bumblebee), let us journey back to its greatest incarnation the G1 Transformers. In the later seasons, Sunbow Entertainment, in lieu of the standard PSA occasionally supplied information and background on characters in the Transforms universe. Below you will find seven of the 
Teletraan II Files, the history of Cybertron, and 1 PSA featuring Bumblebee (who's solo movie arrives December 21, 2018). #AFJ4LIFE

Teletraan II Files - Autobots

A quick refresher on the Autobots, especially the ones that did not crash on Earth. 

Teletraan II Files - Decepticons
The last great Autobot/ Decepticon war ended in 18 years ago, wow. However, it has only been 12 years since the Decepticons settled on the planet Chaar.

Teletraan II Files - Cassette Technology
Fear not, we do cover Ratbat and Ramhorn here!

Teletraan II Files - Quintessons and Sharkticons
I always thought these were the better villains over the Decepticons. 

Teletraan II Files - Predaking
“A hair trigger horror”, what a great description of a character(s). 

Teletraan II Files - Metroplex & Trypticon
Yes, transforming cities!

Teletraan II Files- Ultra Magnus
We never really do find out. However, Grimlock’s birthday is August 23, 1986
Cybertronian History
Not officially part of the Teletraan II Files, but you’ll want to watch it.

Bumblebee - Running Away - PSA
Wait, isn’t that G.I. Joe’s tagline? ?

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