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The Red Hood has continued its dominance in being an AFJ favorite among Junkies of all ages. Since I am not much of a gamer, I only know from what Junkies have told me about their experiences with the ARKHAM video game universe. It seems that one thing they can all agree on is that every new character brought forward with each successive game, makes for a new figure they must have. After last year's GAMESTOP Exclusive Red Hood went up, up & away in price, I did the smart thing and made sure to order two--one for review and one for my personal Well of Souls. One thing is for certain, I should have bought one more!


Yes, I know they are still in stock at all the big retailers but I'm already in the hole! But I am definitely glad that I have the extra here because this is really a terrific piece that I think Bat-fan's everywhere should be laying their hard earned cash on to acquire. Red Hood has become this complete entity of a character with fans loving the whole, "is he good or is he bad" vibe he emits. Now again I do not know the Arkhamverse that well because of my non-gaming, strictly toys diet. That being said, I do know a hot figure when I see one and this Red Hood, the former Jason Todd, is a hit.


Not exactly where my two extra guns were but they DID NOT come in package.

Who is the Arkham Knight? One year after the events of Batman: Arkham City, a new villain has arrived on the scene, and he's not holding back. Based on the designs of the 4th installment of the Batman Arkham video game series, the Batman Arkham Knight Red Hood Action Figure captures the mysterious Red Hood suited up in armor. What are his plans for Gotham and the Caped Crusader? Is he friend or foe? Ages 14 and up.


Last year's champ!

I have become a big fan of the Red Hood and seeing another new iteration is a real treat for me. I have always looked at him as DC's Winter Soldier character whose loyalties you are never quite sure of and that's cool with me because it adds that air of mystery. As noted in the picture above, I am not sure where the other two guns are but they did not come included in my package. The long range sniper style rifle is easily breakable and I did so while taking it out of the package. My bad though, I should seen that their was tape there. So in my pics, Red Hood has kind of a saw-ed off type version of his main gun. However, that is literally my only complaint on this gem of a figure. Also, I don't really need extra guns because I, personally, really hate posing figures with accessories. It is hard to get them to stay upright let alone holding an enormous gun. Still, the gun is pretty sweet.

REDHOOD01This is definitely a figure that I would buy a stand for to make it look like Red Hood is in a mid air jump. I kept coming back to the movie WANTED for some reason, probably because of the utilitarian style costume. See, its not really a costume, it is more like a camouflage field outfit to blend into the night in Arkham. I absolutely was bonkers about the paint apps on this piece. The deco feel is tremendous and you really can see the ornate detail on the figure. Hood has these great elbow straps that I have never seen before on a figure but I absolutely love them. Maybe they are like a cushioning for the kickback of the gun. Just looks super cool.


The sculpt is an absolute gem from to bottom with exactly the right amount of articulation. As much as I love my articulated figures, it is not the selling point for me and I do believe that there can be overkill. Here thought it is subtle and sublime. DC COLLECTORS figures do take a little breaking in and it took a couple of tries to get that hip swivel going. In the end, it is perfect and will make an awesome addition to my ARKHAMVERSE figures.

REDHOOD3 I find that it seems all of the figure companies are kind of sticking to this Marvel Legends style packaging which is totally cool by me because it is easy for storage. As much as the open DCC window bothered me a little while back, I think its starting to grow on me. I really think that the likeness mixed in with the articulation and sheer badassery of the figure make this a must have for any self-respecting Gothamite!

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