As a TV Flash obsessed fan, I had to wait patiently for this iteration of the evil Reverse Flash from DC COLLECTIBLES. After the epic fail that was the DC MULTIVERSE effort earlier this year from MATTEL, clumsily put together with zero extras, I was genuinely psyched when this arrived at my door. Not to mince words but DC COLLECTIBLES knows how to do it right and are giving the figures that flail from other company labels new life with their top-notch packaging and attention to detail that the Junkies love.

DC_Logo_RGB_031816I have absolutely loved the way that The CW has taken The Flash TV incarnation to new heights in just two seasons. Ironically this has already created a distaste for the DC cinematic universe's Ezra Miller version of the Scarlet Speedster (seen briefly in Suicide Squad) and it has been ill-received at best thus far. Its nothing against the actor or the cinematic universe trying to carve its own way; it's just that The Flash is simply that good a television program. And part of the reason it has been so good is up to the diverse and complicated character of the Reverse Flash. Whether we know him as Eobard Thawne, Dr. Harrison Wells or some other incarnation, he is a pretty badass character and an excellent foil to the by the book Barry Allen and the STAR Labs gang.


This new figure from DC COLLECTIBLES is absolutely top notch in every way. I really think that they have stepped up their facial sculpting as I could really see that they were going for actor Tom Cavanagh's mug underneath the mask. It is pretty dead on in the lights I shone the figure under. The paint job is stellar from top to bottom and they even managed to get little electric creases coming off the ominous chest crest sporting a reverse bolt of lightning.


I need to somehow get involved with Tachyonic particles! Awesome we finally have a Device as an accessory!

Starting at the top of his head where the yellow is most bright going downward as it progressively gets more and more sinister black, the suit really captures the hues of the onscreen costume. I especially dug the way the designers handled the gauntlets and boots and the entire suit appears to be made of a microfiber of sorts. While it does not have a MEGO-style suit with actual cloth, you can swear that it does because of the tremendous attention to detail and overall architecture of the figure.

Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash!

Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash!

I personally do not really buy a DCC figure for their articulation and I am fine with that because they do not overwhelm you here with it. Their line is more about sturdiness I think more than anything and the DCC figures will be in your collection a long while before any loose joints will come into play no matter how you pose. The Tachyon device that Reverse Flash comes with is super cool looking and can snap easily onto the villain's chest with ease. You also have the option to alternate 3 and a half extra sets of hands for this guy. Not sure why they left off that last half set of hands but who knows!


The inferior Multiverse figure. Still a good pick up for the kids!

As always with a DC COLLECTIBLES figure, they do not skimp out on the packaging and this is a comic shop or collectibles store purchase and doubtful to be on the pegs at your local big box chains. And that is what you expect from a high-end figure like this and the rest of the line. Yes, Amazon does offer the line but I don't think I have ever seen a DCC figure in a Wal-Mart or Target. As we all know, those venues can have figures go through a rough and tough shelf life where the boxes are dropped and damaged. Here, the package is sleek and stylish and has a great spine with a close-up of the figure's head and a number (3) for easy reference for high maintenance collectors crazy about the order like me!


Totally worth the wait and I have had my eye on this since Toy Fair back in February. Absolutely Junkie-worthy from head to toe and available online for a scant $22.99. I expect that this figure will appreciate nicely as we ease into season three of the blockbuster CW program. I think overall, the Reverse Flash is an understated, but much-needed addition to my collection of speedster's Rogue's Gallery that I am finding more and more to be moving up the ranks in the DC canon in a healthy second place behind Batman's murderer's row that are tough to beat. However, Central City is proving to be just as lethal as Gotham.

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