Sorry for the delay in getting this review up gang, but I am seriously that busy trying to push AFJ into the toy stratosphere!! Anyway, as all Junkies know, the subscription box craze is not waning anytime soon. There is a box for every hobby or interest out there and my favorite website to keep track of all of them is It runs down all of the boxes by name or genre and is very easy to monitor if you are in the know and aware when each new box is scheduled to be delivered.


I should say that before DC & MARVEL released their League of Collectors & Collectors Corps, respectively, I only bought a couple of LOOT CRATE's per year. A couple of them were great, but some I felt utterly disappointed. Still, LOOT CRATE is becoming the gold standard by which others are following and just recently won a very big industry award for being one of the best private company's in the country.

And have no worries true believers, the AFJ Junkie Box is in the works 24/7 with a subscription box aimed towards the hardcore action figure fan. But before that happens, let's break down the second box from FUNKO with DC'S LEGION OF COLLECTOR'S box #2 whose theme is "DC TV." Here is what you get for around $32 and that is with shipping! Even if you are not crazy about everything that you get in the LEGION box, you will have no problem moving the stuff you're not crazy about on groups like AFJ.

I have to say that on both the LEAGUE OF COLLECTORS & MARVEL'S COLLECTOR CORPS, this box is an engineering feat. I wish that they sold them in bulk to ship figures because they are perfect and easy to put together. As you open the box, the first thing you see are the two items I personally have the least use for but it seems that a lot of Junkies still absolutely LOVE pins & patches! The pin is of The Atom with the patch being of my favorite new freshman show that just switched networks from CBS to THE CW. I'm talking of course about the adorkable SUPERGIRL. I can see kids really digging the pin and patch and am sure that there will be a lot of garments garnered with their Cosplay gear at SDCC next month.

I am a huge Green Arrow fan but more comics than ARROW on TV. Despite being a season and a half behind on The CW's highly touted ARROW, this t-shirt hits the bullseye. It is a sharp looking tee and one that I will most definitely wear. It is definitely an improvement on March's Batman V Superman tee in Spanish. A definite plus on this t-shirt, I am in.

As a budding POP! fanatic, I have bought every FLASH POP! that I can find so I was psyched to get this special edition of this Jay Garrick vinyl piece from FUNKO. It was timed out perfectly with THE CW's last story arc for THE FLASH so that makes the Garrick POP that more prescient. And upon opening it, I was very psyched to see the seemingly extra detail taken with this POP.


I really liked that way they did Jay Garrick's iconic dome metal helmet with the arrow-fins as I have always called them. They also really stick the landing so to speak with the Garrick's suit with a cool looking red leather look and buttons to boot. I can see Junkies paying up for $35 just for this POP! if they are hardcore FLASH Junkies.

The Flash comic book included in the LEGION OF COLLECTORS is nothing special. Just a reprint of a dinosaur era of comics from the early 60's. Those expecting some hyper-new story and arc to collect, look elsewhere.

This was my first foray into FUNKO's "ROCK CANDY" line and I have to say that I was very impressed. The box comes with SUPERGIRL and I think that it is a really cool line that everyone will like because of their globally recognized characters. In addition to nabbing the DC License, FUNKO also has some BARBIE ROCK CANDY figures being release which can really assist in crushing old-time stereotypes at women. It is a great piece for yourself or the SUPERGIRL in your life. For now, Melissa Benoist is not returning my calls so this will have to do.



After looking at all of the items together in one pic, it was definitely a way more impressive box. It also helped that I really dig the three shows that this box covers. I think that this one is a winner but again, I don't know what to do with a patch and pin unless I go see Pat Benator this weekend...


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