I am becoming obsessed with these subscription boxes. So much so that I have been hard at work trying to fill an AFJ Junkie box for you guys. FUNKO continues its play at world domination with both the DC & MARVEL licenses for the DC LEGION OF COLLECTORS & MARVEL COLLECTOR CORPS respectively. Their omnipresent POP! Vinyls are still holding water with Junkies everywhere and the excitement of maybe getting a lucky Variant box is palpable on the AFJ pages.


This month's theme for the COLLECTOR CORPS is "Women of Power" so I was prepared for a barrage of Fangirl targeted type merchandise and was not let down. I have gotten used to the layout of the box and it breaks down like this: 1 Patch, 1 Pin, 1 Comic Book, 1 Exclusive POP! Vinyl, 1 T-shirt and then there is kind of a random item or two thrown in. This month it just happens to be two FUNKO Mystery Minis of Captain Marvel & She-Hulk. Let us break it down item by item.


I honestly do not get the fascination with the pins and patches! If I was my childhood self with say a denim jacket in 1986, these would be awesome. Instead, I now have a year's full of pins and patches and nothing to do with them. There really is nowhere to display them unless I put them on a hat or something but I don't think I'm that guy. They make for nice giveaways for you guys because no matter how ornate the pin or how groovy the patch, a time is yet to arrive where I have said, "Yes! I need that."

FUNKOBOX5Next up we have a reprint of CIVIL WAR II with a Variant cover of the characters but POP-ified. Cool, but I already bought my issue of CIVIL WAR so its kind of old news. What I would love is a super exclusive comic book with a running storyline from box to box. The price of comics has become so exorbitant that you would think for what you are paying, they could give you a brand new, never before seen book.

FUNKOBOX14The big draw for most with the MARVEL & DC boxes is the Exclusive POP! Vinyl from FUNKO. However, this month I received Squirrel Girl as my POP! which is the equivalent of Yoko Ono headlining a concert. I was really hoping for a Spider-Gwen since she has become the white-hot character in 2016. However, I was given Squirrel Girl so I was supremely bummed at this POP!. Maybe I can trade it up to another Junkie that is passionate about Squirrel Girl.

FUNKOBOX7Finally, we have the T-shirt which, to be honest, is the item I probably get the most use out of. This is a cool drawing of Spider-Gwen and a great shirt for the gym or to sleep in. Overall, very satisfied with this tee as both a fan of Spider-Gwen and a Junkie.  The understated art on the old school grey makes this a must-have tee for fanboys & fangirls who just love that Gwen.


The Mystery Minis from FUNKO are very cool and are like miniaturized POP's. In this box, we get She-Hulk & Captain Marvel. Cool that we get a "two-fer" so you have an instant starter collection. Not my favorite characters but I can definitely make do with them for my budding Mystery Minis collection. Overall, a solid pick for a female-themed box.

FUNKOBOX9Its a definite 3 out of 5 stars for me on this meaning that the box is just slightly above average. I was upset that I received Squirrel Girl as POP! but admit that the kitsch value is there with such a random character. The tee is killer and it can never hurt to have an extra copy of a good comic. I wish I could count the actual cardboard box because it is such a cool, multi-usable box that I actually save each one of them! So that's this month gang and the next box will be in August. See you then!

FUNKOBOX11Big thanks to THENERDFU.COM and THEEXAMINER.COM for some additional photo coverage!


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