Like the Yeti or Bigfoot, the CIVIL WAR wave of MARVEL LEGENDS has given Junkies an absolute fit trying to locate the six figures that build quite an awesome GIANT-MAN that we are introduced to in the film. I am always amazed when a  figure is deemed "hot" in a certain new wave of LEGENDS because it is like stock speculation. Junkies hedge their bets banking on a certain character to be the "hot" figure among the hardcore collecting crowd. This wave has been quite the anomaly because not only is Black Panther VHTF, the Nick Fury with interchangeable heads is being hunted for SHIELD "Army Building" Junkies. Despite having a case that I preordered months ago, for some reason, I felt like I had to find these in the wild as well because I wanted the review to be genuine. And I desperately wanted to build myself the GIANT-MAN. Some BAF's, eh, I can do without but this one was a must. Let's break it down Junkie-style figure by figure.


Sure since the "House Party Protocol," Mr. Stark has been light on the armor but he bounces back nicely with the new MARK 46. I have to say, especially with the MARVEL Select one coming soon, this is a pretty sweet armor. It is easy to make a "battle-damaged" one because they have plenty of stock on Hasbro Toy Shop. The sculpt is terrific and I like that HASBRO is starting to give more extras like the old days. You get an extra set of repulsor hands and fist. Plus, bonus, you even get two cool repulsor flares. For the mass market, the paint apps are as solid as you are going to get for a $15.83 (Walmart Rollback) to $19.99 figure. This will fit nicely in my Hall of Armor. I am still holding out hope that at some point they will again make the Silver Centurion armor!


Yes, we have had a lot of iterations of Cap at this stage in the game. However, if you look at Cap's suit in the first Avengers film to now, there has been a drastic change in its appearance. It has almost gone from "costume" to utilitarian uniform. And it has never looked cooler. The colors are darker and bolder and give Cap a less than red, white & blue appeal. This is a gritty Cap and the Civil War has him angry. Basically, this is my favorite version of Cap so far and is a no-brainer if you can find him. I would love HASBRO to make a Cap with a magnetic shield or something like that but I think we are still a few years off!


Red Guardian was one character that I really did not see coming down the HASBRO pipe but I do love me a good surprise. Basically, Red Guardian was Stalin's, Captain America. However, he also had some doings with the Black Widow and if I remember correctly, they were kind of like the excellent FX show The Americans, where they were Russian spies on American soil. The sculpt is nice enough but the paint apps and there really only being two colors do not work well here because you can see flecks of red in the white. A big no-no for the hypersensitive Junkie. Other than that I really dig this figure as it is an outside of the box thinking figure from MARVEL/HASBRO. I would like to see more B-Listers like RED GUARDIAN get the 6-inch treatment.


This was a daring move with HASBRO throwing down Mjolnir almost saying, "we can do the hardcore stuff too!" And Nuke epitomizes hardcore. His origin is a frightful one, to say the least. After all, this is a Frank Miller creation! The figure looks like John Matrix from Commando on steroids complete with an alternate head that is can only be described as gruesome. The radical super soldier also comes with a knife big enough to slice your Thanksgiving turkey. Oh, and there is a ridiculously sized gun included. It rivals Agent Coulson's gun from the original Avengers film. I see a lot of customs using this mold in the works coming down the line. Really interesting choice.

It's definitely not Samuel L. Jackson Fury! Here we have the original, old-school Nick Fury in all his glory with not one but two alternate heads. Junkies are getting their hands on as many of these as they can so they can "Army Build" so watch out for the scalpers because they are on the hunt. To me, this was the most boring figure in the wave. Besides the alternate heads, it is really just a larger version of the MU Mail-away figure from years ago in 3.75" form.

This is not only the star of this wave but one of my favorite ML figures...of ALL TIME! The new King T'Challa, who in my opinion stole CIVIL WAR out from the big guns Cap & Iron Man, is an amazing figure. They somehow managed to get all of the lines of his suit absolutely perfect. Even the claws are perfect! That's Wakandan steel for you--Vibranium made. And bonus, it comes with an alternate, unmasked head. This is worth the mileage to hunt for guys. I am floored by this figure and thankfully I found two in the wild, one for storage, one for display. Because if ever there was a reason to by two figures, Black Panther is begging to be unboxed.


The BAF is wonderful but I would have liked it to be as tall as the old MU Sentinel or Galactus figures from HASBRO. That being said, there are really no complaints from this Junkie.

A great wave for Junkie with BLACK PANTHER being the cherry on top of a very hard to find sundae of MARVEL goodness. One thing I have noticed of late is that the packaging is getting damaged quite a bit in transit on the "J-Card" of the figure. So if you do not get the figure fresh, as soon as they take it out of the box, the figure might develop what I call, "Peg Pox," the disease that comes from the wrong kind of figure and package handling of non-Junkies. Savages I say!


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