Thanks to Hasbro & Target, disco is no longer dead! That's right LEGENDS Junkies, the giant retailer has dropped a new 2-pack on us that gives us both 2016 cool with Tony Stark might have worn during his day's of wearing bell bottoms and open collar shirts with his already legendary 'stache.


All kidding aside, the "Disco" Armor was one of the "Concept Series" armors (Mark 27) that Tony developed but never wore in the comics or on-screen in the MCU. We did get a brief glimpse of the armor during the "House Party Protocol" in Iron Man 3 as seen below in a blink and you missed its screenshot.

"DISCO" Suit, Mark 27 in IRON MAN 3.

"DISCO" Suit, Mark 27 in IRON MAN 3.

As far as War Machine goes, this is the real deal from the monster hit, Captain America: Civil War from earlier this year. I have always been a fan of Rhodey since my comics came via mail to my bunk at sleepaway camp in the 80's. The first storyline I really loved of Iron Man was during the Silver Centurion Armor days when Rhodey took the helm of the regular red & yellow suit. Anyway, the new War Machine figure even comes with that dope looking baton that looks like some kind of tech right out of Tony's Malibu garage. Or what's left of it. Still, War Machine has seen better days as we know from the end of Civil War. However, I am fairly certain that Tony can build a new suit that can support Rhodes' ailing legs and vertebrae. Now, onto the figures!

WARMACHINEEven at the HASBRO amphitheater at Toy Fair, fellow Junkies and press associates "oohed" and "ahhed" at the sight of this new two-pack of MARVEL LEGENDS that is available exclusively at TARGET. I love when HASBRO tries something new, especially a Concept armor so I was most definitely in. Plus it has been a while since we have had a really cool looking War Machine in LEGENDS scale. Here is one that I always liked but could never locate on the pegs or the secondary market. WARMACHINE2It was a WAL*MART Exclusive of course which is like trying to find water in the desert. This one goes for up to $80 last time I checked but thankfully this new two-pack kills two birds with one swipe of the debit card with an all-new iteration of War Machine, Disco Iron Man, and an improvement in packaging.

For $40, you really cannot ask for more especially in this climate where DEADPOOL's are going for the maximum amount on the secondary market or in groups that deal in buying, selling & trading, like AFJ. So I consider this a win for Junkies at this price point especially because, aesthetically, it is a genuinely nice set and the juxtaposition of a wild and crazy armor against the buttoned-up armor of the War Machine.


Upon examination, I really love this War Machine figure. The new iteration that has "003" marked on the left bicep may or may not have some kind of hidden MARVEL meaning. You never know with those guys, especially now that the mouse house owns them. Anyway, the deco seems to be lighter in tone than previous versions of the War Machine but I think it really works well.

DISCOIRONMAN2The paint is spot on and this is most definitely NOT a battle-damaged version like the final result of Colonel Rhodes in Civil War. If I had my way, I think I don't think I would rather have a battle-damaged version even though I do love that aged look. Like the armor has been through some real time on the battlefield not just rolled out of Tony's garage. However, who isn't a sucker for a new car? When push comes to shove as much as I love battle-damaged, I completely contradict myself in that I am a MIB/MOC collector. War Machine comes with six guns and an extra set of hands but I think I like the two, yes, TWO batons that debuted in the film. The only thing that would make it better is if they lit up.


As a New York Mets fan, how can I not love the orange & blue that adorn the "Disco Armor" of billionaire playboy Tony Stark? Of all the colors they could have come up with for one of his concept armors, they went with my families beloved Mets. And they literally got the colors right off the jerseys. That is NY Mets blue & orange through and through!

DISCOIRONMANIt's no Silver Centurion but I will definitely take it because of any kind of variant, I am always in for a buck on. There is some freckling in the deco but that comes with the territory when you choose loud, bright colors. So the paint apps are good but not great.  I do like the silver that appears on the arms and it has kind of a "mech" feel to it. While it only comes with one shoulder mounted gun, it really is enough for this figure. There is enough going on color wise that you are not really focused on the weaponry. It goes for the Concept Series feel and that is exactly what we get. The only thing missing is a disco ball.


Always in for a retailer exclusive and I think at $39.99, it is a fair price point for two 6-inch LEGENDS. The usual articulation we have come to expect from the ML line is all there so posing is not an issue. Definitely, some minor paint issues on Disco but nothing that was scathing or that ruined it for me. I think it just might vary from package to package. Overall, a nice set and definitely a nice gift at this price point. For some reason, I can see some people avoiding the orange and blue and this moving to a $30 clearance deal making it that much more appetizing in my professional opinion. I love it at $40 so $30 means I would buy two!


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