The Bride: Blu-ray Review

Starring: Sting, Jennifer Beals, Clancy Brown, and David Rappaport
Written by: Lloyd Fonvielle
Directed by: Franc Roddam
Original Year of Release: 1985
Distributor: Scream Factory
Run Time: 1hr, 58min
Rated: PG-13

In some ways, The Bride was crushed by its own stardom. Sting, lead singer of the rock band The Police, was attempting a movie career (See Dune and Brimstone and Treacle).  Jennifer Beals was coming right off of the highly successful Flashdance (1983). One would think that casting these two in a modern telling of a horror classic would guarantee a strong box office, but it didn’t. However, the true strength of the film comes from the story about the doctor's original creature, Viktor (Clancy Brown). 

Now the premise for The Bride is this: Doctor Frankenstein (Sting) creates a mate for his first creation. The good doctor succeeds, but she is incredibly beautiful. So, Doctor Frankenstein decides to keep her for himself and create his perfect equal (a profeminist story before they became so in vogue). He created her body, so why not her mind too? The Doctor's first creation quickly realizes that she won’t love him and runs off. This is where the story splits and quickly gains ground on all the Frankenstein tales that have come before. 

Bear in mind, that this is not a sequel, it is an original tale that borrows heavily from the original novel by Mary Shelly in the beginning. Its departure is how the development of the two creations parallel one another. The bride, now called Eva, is given a proper education by the Doctor, who not only realizes how quickly her mind is developing but also grows incredibly jealous of the slightest attention she draws from other men. Eva longs for independence, but the good Doctor loses sight of what he originally intended as lust overcomes him. Viktor, on the road, befriends a circus performer, Rinaldo (David Rappaport). Rinaldo, a dwarf, quickly realizes the benefit of Viktor as a companion. At first, it appears as if Rinaldo will take advantage of him, but when he comes to understand Viktor's good nature, he quickly becomes his friend. Brown and Rappaport are the saving grace of the film and their performances, a love story of friendship, make sitting through all the scenes with Sting and Beals slightly less excruciating.

Note: Scream Factory only had clips of Beals and Sting, which do not feature Rapport and Brown together.

The love story in The Bride is not one that you would expect but will enjoy greatly. It is the love of two men for one another and a bond that reminds us how precious a true friend can be. Sting and Beals play all the Gothic atmosphere to the hilt, but when it is over, Brown and Rappaport have just stolen your heart. As per the usual with a Scream Factory release, there are several new special features any true fan will want to watch on this first time Blu-ray release. There are new interviews with Clancy Brown and director Franc Roddam, that shed light on the production as well as how groundbreaking a story this was for 1985. The commentary, by Franc Roddam, is something any aspiring filmmaker will want to watch as it points out how important it is to get certain moments filmed before your money runs out. 

Special Features:
·        NEW Audio Commentary With Director Franc Roddam
·        NEW Interview With Director Franc Roddam
·        NEW Interview With Actor Clancy Brown
·        TV Spot

8 Total Score
Root for the Creature!

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