I have to admit that I am way behind on the ARROW craze. It's weird too because GREEN ARROW has always been one of my favorite DC heroes but I think my fear of The CW ruining the property kept me away. That is until THE FLASH premiered this year and became my new favorite show. While re-watching episodes of THE FLASH, I got to know the ARROW character when he (actor Stephen Amell) guest-starred in Central City a handful of times. It was enough for me to finally fire up the ROKU and start ARROW from Season 1 Episode 1. So I am now a fan, if not a bit late to the geeky party.

ARROW FLASHThere are very few GREEN ARROW figures that I do not pick up for my personal collection so after I missed out on the two-pack with DEATHSTROKE last year, I was psyched that a new wave was set to hit. This to me is one of the most faithful TV/Movie to plastic likenesses I have ever seen that is not a premiere format figure like SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES or HOT TOYS. This ARROW will only run you about $20 and it is worth its weight in figure gold. Or at least plastic. For one, the figure just looks plain cool. ARROW is in full battle regalia and they really went the extra mile on the facial sculpt which I think is obviously Amell's famous mug. The details to his suit are sublime and the forest green color really pops for a darker shade. This is a figure that will look very cool with a spotlight on it when all of the other lights in the room off. It screams, "I'm a vigilante billionaire!" I also love that they included the domino mask for ARROW this time around as opposed to last year's offering that only had the dark green/black eye paint.
ARROWThe figure stands nearly 7-inches tall and does come with some very cool accessories. Naturally, the bow is included and it is a sweet, sweet RAMBO style compound bow that looks totally awesome and is very cool to handle. I see this bow being used on a lot of custom HAWKEYE's in the near future. Their is a bunching of arrows for the quiver and some single arrows for poses with the bow or just to have him hold an arrow as a last resort weapon. All in all, a very cool collection of items for a character whose accessories define him. The hood on the ARROW is made of a hard rubber and can be pushed back a bit but it should be handled with care or the paint will begin to flake a bit. I only experimented with it for a minute because I like the hood on look the most.


The minimalist approach that DC COLLECTIBLES has taken with their flagship TV character really pays off with this iteration of the ARROW. No need to go overboard on what is essentially just a guy in a hood and a domino mask. I do like the side holster on the right thigh as well as the gauntlet on the left forearm. Apparently, archers need that cool looking thing on the forearm because I noticed HAWKEYE has it too in both AVENGERS movies. The packaging is a little bit bigger than the new ARKHAM KNIGHT figures that we have reviewed here on AFJ but its no biggie. DC is doing an excellent job of securing their new collectible pieces with top notch packaging materials. I like these boxes more than the new MARVEL LEGENDS ones, to be honest. If you are an ARROW fan, you probably already have this figure in your collection. If not, it is a Junkies dream ARROW figure for the 21st century.



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